Why Storage Units Play a Role in the Air BNB Industry

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March 19, 2019
Extra Items & Your Short-term Rental
July 11, 2019

Many of us are finding life expensive and are thinking out of the box with smart ways to earn extra income.  Make use of storage units should you need to keep your items in a dry, safe and secure place during interim periods.

B & B establishments have certainly made a huge difference for many homeowners, and the Airbnb industry is becoming increasingly popular with those that are willing to share a room, a home, cottage or similar while they make use of storage units.

With the explosive success of Airbnb, the property investment landscape is fast changing. An increasing number of property owners are discovering that it is extremely lucrative to rent out a property by the night than to install a more long-term tenant.  

You can always change your mind should you prefer a more standard arrangement with a long-term tenant that will bring in regular money, so don’t get rid of the basics such as fridges, washing machines, and beds, should you decide to go back to the Airbnb option.

The landscape of earning money is changing rapidly; if you are keen to rent out a room, cottage or home to earn extra income, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much extra income you can earn by sharing your space

Did you know that… 

Airbnb boasts two million listings and sixty million guests in 190 countries, with South Africa having 13 000 of these listings, and still growing exponentially. Local listings have grown by 163% over the past couple of years and bookings have increased by 259%. 70% of South Africa’s Airbnb guests are international.

Make your listing stand out by taking great pics and by adding a little touch of home; soon you will find that your guests will be coming back for more.