Self-Storage When You Are Moving Offices or Home

Storage units
6 Reasons Why Storage is Trending Right Now
February 18, 2021
Storage is Trending During the COVID-19 Pandemic
March 12, 2021
Storage units
6 Reasons Why Storage is Trending Right Now
February 18, 2021
Storage is Trending During the COVID-19 Pandemic
March 12, 2021

Are you moving home or office? You’ll need to do some careful planning before moving overseas, studying away from home, or starting an internship. Chances are your excitement levels are soaring. A bit of planning will take the edge off worry or feeling panicky, and here’s how self-storage can help.

Collecting stuff is what you do well. Now that you are moving, where are you going to stash all the excess? Your friends and family feel they no longer want to be your free self-storage unit. You’ll need a storage space when moving hearth and home.

Here are the Best-Kept Secrets of Self-Storage

Tackle space challenges by using our units in Johannesburg. You can also save money by using our units to store a wide range of items. This comes especially handy if you plan to come back after an extended period.

Ask your self-storage service provider about the dos and don’ts of self-storage. we will give you advice, hints, and tips on what you should store. We will also tell you how best to use your unit to make the most of the facilities you’re paying for. Before you know it, you will be a pro.

You can rent self-storage if you own a medium to small enterprise. You can now grow your business by making use of self-stor

9 Ways We Make Smart Storage Easy for You

age units. This is not an added expense. Think of it as an advantage and not a liability or extra cost. Here are nine advantages to storing with us:

  1. Many choose to use these solutions because it is a flexible option for excess items. Your business could be large or small. Self-storage will come in handy during any transition period.
  2. Your unit is a convenient option for storing items. When space is at a premium or if you are between office spaces, this is an excellent option. Use it as a cost-effective solution to your storage and space needs.
  3. You don’t need to find your own removal or delivery van for transporting your goods. You call, we deliver, and we pack for you, should you choose this option?
  4. We offer you flexible options for your business storage solutions. We will never lock you into unpleasant, lengthy lease agreements.
  5. We don’t do debit orders, either. You won’t have to worry about committing for months. We work on a month-to-month basis.
  6. We offer a range of options and storage unit sizes. Downsizing your storage unit or up-sizing is a simple exercise.
  7. You are the only person to hold the lock and key to your unit. When you have finished packing your unit, we will take it to our high-tech warehouse, you will lock your unit.
  8. Our warehouse is dry, clean and secure, with security features like alarms and fire safety measures.
  9. Call us today. We make storage easy for businesses, regardless of size.

The New Normal Embraces Working Remotely. We Can Help Make this Easier.

Let us help store your confidential documents and important papers in our units. There is a distinct advantage to storing confidential files away from your workspace. They will be far safer in a secure lock-up configuration.

Confidential documents often include sensitive tax returns. They can also include HR documents that are personal, customer information, among others.

We store all our containers in a locked warehouse. We have equipped our warehouse with an alarm system. Our warehouse has a 24-hour armed response company. Enjoy peace of mind with premises that are fenced and floodlight at night.

What are the Benefits of Using Storage Units?

Storage offers businesses and homeowners an opportunity to store their goods when moving, downsizing or decluttering. You might need more space or want to tidy your space. You might need a work-from-home area for working remotely. The reasons vary.

Self-storage is a way of making room for belongings you are not ready to let go of. It could also be a somewhere to keep valuable items while you renovate, move, immigrate, or if your circumstances change. The idea behind self-storage is about finding a home, albeit a temporary one, that is convenient, flexible and affordable.

What Size Unit Will I Need?

How on earth will I know what size unit I will need for my storage needs? Our Easy Store options offer you a wide range of self-storage sizes. You will find the right size unit no matter what you store.

Hint: You don’t need more storage than what you need. Why pay for something you won’t use?

The Best Way Forward is Getting Organised

Let us tell you how you can benefit by being organised? Perhaps the most attractive reason to use our storage facility is less housework. You need to make room for everything you love. Doing away with unwanted items and clutter can help you sleep better at night. Make use of self-storage to get rid of excess items for a cool and collected home and workspace.

The Easy Store Difference

We have been making a difference for many years. Let us solve your storage issues with our range of self-storage options. We will bring the unit to you, pack, and take the unit to our warehouse for safekeeping. We offer cost-effective solutions at the right price and time for all storage challenges. Call us today.