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9 Reasons People Use Self-Storage
January 6, 2022
Self-Storage Vs. Warehouse Space
January 18, 2022
9 Reasons People Use Self-Storage
January 6, 2022
Self-Storage Vs. Warehouse Space
January 18, 2022

Why Is Self-Storage with Delivery Such a Great Idea?

It is a great idea because it saves you effort, stress, time, and money. It makes sense to choose storage that includes delivery. You won’t need to arrange for transportation of your goods or even packing. This reduces the stress related to the logistics of getting your stuff to storage.

Our mobile self-storage units in Randburg and Johannesburg are a convenient service. You can store your self-storage unit at our secure warehouse and enjoy easy access to your items. Simply call and book a unit. We will bring the unit to you.

You can choose from a wide range of sizes. We also offer a service to pack the unit for you. Once it is packed, we transport the unit to our warehouse for you. You can enjoy peace of mind by storing your goods in our high-tech, safe warehouse. You keep the key and lock.

1. Let Us Collect, Store, and Deliver Your Self-Storage Unit.

Make that call today. Simply fill out our online form or call us for a free quote. Save time and money with our excellent self-storage options. Our self-storage delivery service is free. Enjoy the convenience of storage locations near you.

  • You pack your unit (or we pack it for you).
  • Once packed, we will take the unit to our warehouse in Randburg, Johannesburg.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a secure storage unit.
  • We offer affordable, convenient storage units.

2. How Do We Store Your Unit?

When you need your goods delivered, we bring your storage unit to you. We are an on-demand storage service. This option is perfect for people who don’t have the time to pack their items. Let our packers help you. Choose from a selection of unit sizes to suit your needs.

  • There is no need to source a moving company to assist. We do all that for you.
  • We deliver your unit to your door.
  • Once you finish packing, we load the unit onto our transport and taken to our warehouse.
  • Our packing service can assist with packing. This is another option.
  • Choose a short-term monthly rental. Alternatively, choose a long-term rental.
  •  We don’t charge a deposit fee.
  • We also don’t lock you into lengthy contracts.

3. How Will I Know What to Store and What Not to Store?

You can store just about anything in your unit, as long as there is space for it! It is advisable to steer clear of some things.

  • You should not store any perishable items in your self-storage unit.
  • Don’t store liquids in breakable containers.
  • Other items not to store include explosive devices, mirrors, jewellery, fine art, and anything illegal.
  • Find out more about what you can store from our self-storage professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Storage

1. What is storage best used for?

Our wide range of units are perfect for business storage and student storage. Why not call us to find out more about our units? This way you can select the most suitable one for your needs.

2. How safe are the units? Who has access to my storage unit?

You keep the key and lock. Only you will have access to your storage unit.

3. How much storage will I need?

You can either call our professional team to find out more about our unit sizes. Otherwise, fill out our easy online form. Someone will get back to you with information. We cater to your individual needs.

4. How much will my storage unit cost?

Cost breakdowns depend entirely on the size unit you choose. It also depends on how long you rent your unit for. Find out more by contacting our professional team of experts.

5. How will I manage if I have many furniture items and other goods to store?

Invest in a unit big enough to leave an aisle in-between your items. A compact unit will cause a self-storage headache.

6. Are my goods safe?

We protect our warehouse with an armed response company 24/7. Our secure storage facilities are safe and dry. Once you lock your unit, you keep the key. No-one else will have access to your goods.

7. What can I store in my unit?

You can store household furniture, sports equipment, recreational equipment, and office furniture. Small businesses use self-storage units for the storage of products. There are no additional transport costs for delivery and storage pickup options.

8. What can I NOT store in my storage facility?

You should veer away from anything illegal or hazardous. Self-storage companies don’t permit certain hazardous items. Never store flammable materials, firearms, or explosives in your unit. You cannot store any animal or plant materials in a self-storage facility.

9. What kind of access do I get to retrieve items from my unit?

You get easy access during office hours. You could also arrange access outside of office hours.

10. Is there a service available to help me pack my unit?

Easy store offers a packing service. Our team of professionals will pack your unit. Otherwise, we will deliver the unit to you. You can pack your own unit. Once done, we will collect the unit to take back to our storage facility.

Choose Self-Storage with Delivery Today by Calling Easy Store

Call us today to book your self-storage unit. Once you have selected your unit of choice, we deliver it to your door. We pack (or you pack), and once completed, we collect the unit. We then take your ready-packed unit to our warehouse for safekeeping.

Keep the key and no-one has access to your unit. Self-storage with delivery is a fuss-free self-storage option. Forget traditional self-storage options and choose the modern method for a hassle-free storage solution.