What to Consider When Choosing Self Storage Units

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March 17, 2017
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April 5, 2017
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Space is a luxury that is getting harder and harder to come by in today’s world.  It’s not easy to simply buy a bigger house, and throwing away expensive or sentimental items is never a good option.  This is exactly why self storage has become such a valuable part of modern society.

But, how do you choose the self storage that suits your needs?  After all, not all self storage units are the same.  With that in mind, here are a few things to consider while looking for storage solutions:

  1. Self Storage Prices

While there are a lot of factors on which to base your choice, you need to be sure that your ultimate choice fits in with your budget.  So, start by deciding how much you can afford to spend on storage, and then set about finding facilities that offer self storage prices within your budget.

  1. Self Storage near Me

Don’t feel that you are being unreasonable to want a storage facility close to where you live.  ‘I want self storage near me’ is probably one of the first things people think when looking for storage options.  You want easy access to your belongings, and don’t want to have to drive hours to deliver or collect your goods.

  1. Security

You want to be sure that your belongings are safe.  This means that your storage facility should protect your possessions from theft, and should also ensure that they aren’t damaged by the elements while in storage.  Make sure your storage is watertight and difficult to break into.

  1. Service

Choose a storage facility that offers good sevice and prides itself on its customer relationships.  This way, if there’s ever an issue, you can be assured that it will be resolved calmly and agreeably.

Easy Store Self Storage Units

At Easy Store, we tick all of the above boxes.  We bring our storage solutions right to your door, pack the container for you (if you wish), and take your goods back to our secure warehouse.  We do all of this at a more than competitive price, and we pride ourselves in maintaining outstanding customer service throughout the process.

You can be sure that your belongings are incredibly safe, and, in terms of nearness, storage solutions don’t get closer to you than your front door!

To find out more or to book a container, contact Easy Store today!