Why Use Self-Storage for Businesses When Downsizing or Upscaling

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June 18, 2018
July 18, 2018

Are you looking for storage for your business when you up-scale or downsize? Our storage facility has a business storage unit for you.

The world is changing, as are businesses. COVID-19 has seen many businesses down-scaling. The face of business in South Africa will never be the same. Many businesses are working remotely, and some have chosen the hybrid working route.

The result is an excess of office equipment, or a lack of storage space. Easy Store offers modern storage facilities. We also offer and excellent customer service to solve your storage dilemmas.

7 Reasons Storage Helps Businesses Thrive in South Africa

1. Business storage is flexible and convenient.

Self-storage facilities are not only for personal use. All types of businesses are using self-storage for perfect business storage solutions. Grow your business using self-storage. Business storage is a cost-effective way to get the space you need.

Keep your key items off-site to free up space. Using a self-storage unit offers many services. These will help make running your business easier.

Storing and moving items is easy with Easy Store. We collect and return our units to our customers. This dilutes the burden of finding movers for your content.

Rent storage space on a short-term basis or choose a longer term. Flexible rental options allow you to up-scale and downsize as and when you need. Simply call and arrange to gain access to your unit.

If you are too busy to pack your unit, our team of experts is here to assist. We do not lock you into long leases, either. Make use of our convenient business storage solutions for as long or as short as you wish.

2. Renting space helps your business during expansion.

As your business grows, you will need plenty of space to grow. Find extra space for your expanding business. Do this by renting a unit from our self-storage business. Container storage units should form part of all business plans. Renting a unit on a month-to-month basis offers businesses flexibility.

Renting storage on a short-term basis allows you the option to extend the unit. Storing your key items in a storage unit is far cheaper than renting a warehouse. Use your extra storage for unused office cabinets, furniture, and equipment. Use the extra space, instead, to accommodate more staff members.

3. Secure self-storage facilities in South Africa keeps your things safe.

Choose security and get peace of mind when renting a unit. Easy Store is a safe self-storage business offering customers safe units.

Our self-storage facilities have alarm systems and CCTV linked to an armed response. South Africa has a high crime rate, hence the need for secure storage.

4.Customer care can improve your storage experience.

Find out more about our storage facilities. We boast a long track-record and emphasise customer care. Let us take care of the finer details. We offer storage recommendations to fit your needs.

If it’s extra space storage you need, we have you covered. Once you book your unit or units, we deliver the unit to you. We pack your unit for you, and once ready, we return your unit to our warehouse. We offer modern storage facilities for South African businesses.

5. Self storage can save businesses money.

One of the key goals of any business owner is to cut corners wherever possible. The more money coming in and the less money going out is what all businesses aim to achieve.

Renting storage instead of a warehouse saves money. Saving on key costs like rent puts money back into your pocket. The actual cost of rent is cheaper for storage containers than for extra space.

6. Rent storage for that instant business storage solution.

Your storage unit solves your warehousing problems. A flexible storage facility is the perfect, cost effect place to store everything.

Storage companies offer affordable rental rates, saving businesses money. The type of storage business owners rent depends on what they use the unit for. The demand for storage space increases as you upscale your business.

The opposite takes place when you downsize your business. Whichever direction your business goes; we offer flexible options. Our business storage services are affordable and reliable.

7. A self-storage business unit can make transitions easier.

Are you up-scaling and need more storage space for stock? Or are you downsizing and working from home? Whatever you decide to do with your business, we have storage solutions.

Rent Commercial Storage from Easy Store for Downsizing and Up-scaling

Renting a modern, safe storage unit with security cameras linked to security guards gives you peace of mind. Sourcing more space at exorbitant prices could put you out of pocket when going bigger. And finding space for all your office equipment could prove challenging.

Whether you are downsizing or up-scaling a business, Easy Store has your back. We are a reputable self-storage company that believes in making storage easier and more convenient for you! Talk to us today about a free quote for your needs.