The Benefits of Using Climate-Controlled Storage in Randburg

How to Properly Store Antique Furniture in a Self Storage Unit in Randburg
May 5, 2023
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May 11, 2023
How to Properly Store Antique Furniture in a Self Storage Unit in Randburg
May 5, 2023
Creative Self-Storage Uses & Unconventional Ideas for Your Storage Space
May 11, 2023

Sometimes, you need a storage unit that’s more than just a place to keep your stuff. You want something that’s going to protect your valuables and keep them in the same condition for months or even years to come.

If you live in the Randburg area and its surrounds, and you’re looking for climate-controlled storage units, you’re in luck. At Easy Store, we offer top-class storage in this area, also serving Sandton, Roodepoort, Bryanston, Edenvale, and more.

Keen to find an ideal storage solution for your valuables? Let’s explore what a climate-controlled storage unit is, what items you might want to consider storing in one, and its benefits

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What Are Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

Climate-controlled storage units keep a consistent temperature at all times. The storage units are never subject to extreme heat or extreme cold; they maintain a perfectly regulated temperature all year round. They do this by using air conditioning to heat and cool the unit as needed. Some of them even include humidity control, so your precious possessions are never exposed to extreme dryness or damp.

What Types of Possessions Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

  • Antiques: Usually, antiques include items like old, upholstered furniture and wooden furniture or family heirlooms. Wood is susceptible to dryness, where an environment too arid can cause the wood to crack, while one that’s too damp will create moisture and weaken the wood. On the other hand, upholstery can be severely damaged by wet conditions, making a ripe environment for mildew growth.
  • Musical instruments: Instruments are meticulously crafted to produce the sound that they make. Any kind of warping, bending, damp, or excessively dry conditions can completely throw the sound and acoustics out, making the instrument essentially useless.
  • Fine art pieces: This type of art in particular is meant to last for years, handed down through generations or sold at expensive art auctions. Various media, paints, and pigments are particularly sensitive to the elements, so it’s vital to keep such valuable items in a climate-controlled environment at all times.
  • Electronics: Dry and moderate climates are best for electronics as any type of moisture can cause the electrics to experience faults. Also, excessive heat can permanently damage electronics, so it’s extra important to keep them climate-controlled.
  • Clothing: One reason to keep your clothing in a climate-controlled unit is to keep dust away—these types of units tend to be placed within a building, and because of how well-sealed they are, very little dust and debris get into the unit. That means clothing-eating insects like moths are also unable to get in.

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What Are the Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage?

Immunity to Extreme Temperatures

Because climate-controlled storage facilities ensure that the units are never too hot or cold—and sometimes neither too dry nor wet—the items stored within the units are immune to changes in weather. Summer, winter, rain or shine, the sensitive items you store in a unit with climate control remain the same all year long.

Clean Air

The air quality within storage units with climate control is purer. That’s because they’re sealed differently to regular storage units; the same air is circulated over and over, leaving no need to open the unit to let fresh air in. In fact, the less a climate-controlled self-storage unit is opened, the better it is for the items in storage.

Farewell to Dust

Because the air in a self-storage unit with climate control is so much purer, that naturally means debris, dust, and other dirt can’t get in to settle on delicate items, keeping them in near-perfect condition.

Greater Security

As mentioned, these types of storage spaces tend to be indoor storage units, making them slightly more safe and secure than outdoor storage units. It’s more difficult for criminals to break into an indoor storage facility than an outdoor one.

Of course, at Easy Store, we have 24/7 security that protects your valuables no matter where they’re stored on our premises.

Peace of Mind

Nothing can beat the peace of mind you get when you know that your sensitive and valuable goods are safely stored in a place that is designed and optimised specifically to keep them in the same condition they were in on the day they went into storage.

Self-Storage Near You

As experts in the storage industry, we can offer you self-storage units ideal for wood furniture, upholstered furniture, clothing, musical instruments, and other precious items—all right here in Randburg. You can even choose the size of unit you want. There are no lengthy contracts and there is no deposit.

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