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Decluttering an Awkward Space Underneath the Stairs in 6 Steps
July 19, 2019
10 Things to Do When Decluttering
August 19, 2019

Can you tidy up the office the Marie Kondo way? Applying the Marie Kondo techniques to your office to clean out the clutter will improve the way you think and how you work.

  • It is time to go paperless in the office. Move as much as you can to the cloud – save time and space by sharing your documents and as many files as possible by using the cloud. This will result in less clutter and fewer papers on your desk. Many companies are using services to share documents – is your company using these services or a similar – Dropbox, 365, iCloud are a couple of examples? 
  • Select a tablet instead of buying magazines and newspapers in hard copy 
  • Keep desks free from clutter and move all extra files and other items from your desk and ditch the sticky notes as these are easily accessible on apps 
  • A nice plant should take the place of numerous personal items (great artificial ones never die) 
  • Go wireless and ditch the cables as much as possible 
  • Take notes the digital way – this is the modern method so ditch the pen and paper and choose stylus-type apparatus to do the job for you 
  • Clean out any trash at the end of every day – even in your computer bag or handbag – a nice way to keep everything neat and tidy 
  • Read your emails every single day and don’t keep them for the following day. You can automate the cleaning out of your mails, too 

Marie Kondo is revolutionising cleaning the space in your home – small wonder these trends are filtering through to offices, too. Get rid of absolutely everything you don’t need and store any excess furniture such as desks and chairs as well as electronic equipment in safe, secure storage units to free up your office space.