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August 10, 2016
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At one point or another in your life, you’ll feel as though your belongings are starting to clutter your living space. From old souvenirs that you can’t bring yourself to throw away, antique dinner sets that have been passed down through your family from generation to generation, or your old high school sports kit; all of these things can take up a lot of valuable space in your home. Storage unit prices are pretty flexible. This means you can find a solution that works for whatever your storage needs are.

Moving Company

Sometimes you just want to be certain that a job can be done with as much efficiency as possible. Moving companies tend to be professional, using their own storage facilities, fitted with all kinds of temperature controls and private security. They obviously charge a premium for these services, but if you do happen to have some extra money then they’ll generally provide good value.

Self-Storage Units

If you can’t afford the fancy services of a moving company, there’s a more affordable option. Self-storage units give you the benefit of having a lot of space to work with, for a price that won’t wreck your budget. A lot of them have different room sizes and you can choose whether you want one with temperature control or without. The disadvantage with this option is that because it’s ‘self-storage’, you’ll have to do most of the packing and moving yourself. Most of the time this is pretty fair considering the various low-priced options.

Portable Storage Units

If you’ve ever thought ‘I’d like to move, but I can’t find any storage units near me?’, this option gives you a happy midpoint between space and convenience. You can get a wooden or steel mobile container delivered to your doorstep. You can then load or unload as necessary, just make sure you’re using proper packaging for items you put in here since most providers leave the packing to you. You’ll probably also need to be 100% sure that nothing is left in the unit when you’re done using it. Most companies charge a fee to redeliver portable storage units.

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