Thinking of Starting a Self-Storage Business?

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September 5, 2016
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South Africa is a country that is alive with possibilities. This is true, especially for budding entrepreneurs. If you are thinking of starting your own self-storage business, you’ll need to remember that it’s just like most other businesses. It’s time-consuming and costly at first, but if you hang in there, you’ll start reaping the rewards of all your sacrifices. With that said, here are a couple of things you’ll need to think about in order to maximise the returns from your business.

Start with the Paperwork

Before you can start selling self-storage units, you’ll need to decide if you want to operate as a private company, close corporation, etc. There are different advantages and disadvantages to the many options available, so it’s better to give each one careful consideration. Once you’ve decided, you’ll need to register your business with the Companies Intellectual Property Registration Office (Cipro). You’ll also need to register for tax and VAT with the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

What’s Your Value Proposition?

Every business that stands the test of time makes sure to create and maintain their unique value proposition. You can think of it as the reasons why prospective clients should use your business instead of your competitor’s. They’ll be asking themselves questions like “where can I get self-storage near me?”, “how safe would my belongings be?” and also “how much would it cost?” There’s also other important considerations such as whether you’ll charge clients an upfront deposit, the variety of storage unit sizes, self-storage prices and one of the most important aspects to think about – location.

 Use the Internet to Help Your Business Grow

Although it may not be very obvious at first, the Internet can become one of the most effective drivers of growth a self-storage business could ask for. With customers spending more time doing research before making purchases, you can use digital marketing tactics such as SEO, social media and online advertising to put your business in front of potential clients. It’s also worth investigating if there are any self-storage directories you can get register on. These are usually targeted at a more niche market, meaning you don’t need to spend a lot of money trying to slowly climb to the top of search engine results pages.