There is much to be said about life after lockdown

Woman disinfecting counter
9 Tips on How to Keep Your Space Disinfected
May 27, 2020
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Tidying up for the new normal
June 2, 2020
Man thinking of decluttering his space

With so much time on our hands and our movements restricted during the COVID-19 lockdown, this has led to many householdembarking on a major cleaning exercise. 

The very idea of living a simpler existence is attractive to many – more now than ever before as closets and cupboards are systematically being cleaned out in homes across the country. It is easy to become overwhelmed with a mammoth task of cleaning out one’s home, but if done systematically and by using self-storage units, this will give you more space to move around in, which is especially beneficial for those working from home. Furthermore, this will give you more space to do a thorough cleaning where clutter hampered even the best cleaning efforts in the past. 

We are all aware of how important it is to have clean homes, pristine kitchens, sanitised surfaces, spotless dustbins and clean bathrooms. The Coronavirus has made us supremely aware of the importance of cleanliness and how important it is to maintain a high standard of hygiene. 

Decluttering will lead to a feeling of achievement and accomplishment, plus it will enable you to be organised. 

There are Definite Benefits when Decluttering 

There are many benefits to owning less. The numerous benefits will soon reveal themselves when the job is complete. 

  • There is much less to clean and be responsible for. Those items you have no emotional attachment to need to find a new home. If you don’t wear, eat or enjoy somethinggive it to a charity or to someone who will use it more than you would
  • There is less to organise if your home is clutter-free. Decluttering will free up space to work and move around in
  • Working from home will soon become a reality for many of us – this is the best time to make space for that home office, even if it’s a little spot underneath the stairs
  • Decluttering will give you a clear vision of what you need to get from the shops – for many of us shopping for items that we already have in our cupboards is a reality. Clean spaces will give us the opportunity to see what needs topping up without wasting money 

You can read more about decluttering here: 10 things to do when decluttering

Whipping Your Home Office into Shape 

There is no time quite like now to whip your home office into shape. If its relatively small and not very cluttered you could turn your office into a manageable and pleasant space in a single day or weekend, but if it is huge and needs more time you might want to designate a couple of hours every day to get it into the shape you need it to be in. 

  • First things first – deal with paper. If you don’t need all the paper put it in the recycling and place the balance in files which can be stored in a filing cabinet or cupboard 
  • Empty your desk drawers, place the items into piles and gauge whether you need the items or need to give them away to a charity or school 
  • Going paperless wherever possible is a smart move. You will save paper, but you will also have a largely clutter-free workspace 
  • Use traditional files for any papers you are still planning to keep 
  • Baskets are useful to store bits and pieces 
  • It is important to keep your home office clean – vacuum regularly and wipe your surfaces including your desk with disinfectant every day 
  • Keep your keyboard, phone and monitor clean by using monitor wipes 
  • Adding a vase of flowers or a nice pot plant will add some cheer to your working space 
  • Add a couple of photos and a calendar if you like a personal touch 

Working from home seems to be the way for many individuals after Covid-19. Ensure your spot at home is clutter-free, neat, organised and clean. Excess files, books and other items can be stored in self-storage units to make the task manageable. 

It is time to focus energies on things you enjoy instead of spending hours cleaning up around clutter. Excess items you are keen to keep are easily stored in self-storage units until they need to be taken out of storage and used.