The Benefits of Mobile Storage Units for Rent

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The Benefits of Mobile Storage Units for Rent | Easy Store

The old days of self-storage saw storage lockers for rent looking somewhat like large spaces full of garages.  They would be units which people would rent and then fill with the belongings that they didn’t have room for at home.  These storage containers for rent served a noble cause and helped many people control the amount of clutter in their homes.  But, they were subject to two problems, namely weather and security.

But, in the modern era, storage units for rent have come a long way.  Instead of creating glorified garages, Easy Store offers mobile storage lockers for rent, which are essentially portable containers that you are able to use to store your belongings.

To use this service, you just need to go online or call in and order one of these storage containers for rent.  The container will be delivered to you and you can load it yourself, or request that it be loaded for you.  The container is then taken to the storage facility where it is stored safely.  When you want your belongings, you simply request that the container be brought back and it is delivered right to your door.

Understandably, this way of operating has many benefits, some of which are:

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  1. Less Exposure to the Elements

Your belongings are stored in an all-weather container and kept off the ground in a state of the art storage facility.  This means that your precious possessions are far less susceptible to the elements than they would be if they were on the floor in a storage unit that allows water to pass under the door.

  1. More Security

In addition to being stored in a sealed container, your belongings will be stored in a locked warehouse that is fenced off and floodlit.  In addition, the warehouse is fitted with an alarm system which, if triggered, will summon a 24-hour response team.

The warehouse is also fitted with fire hydrants, fire hoses, fire extinguishers, and an overhead sprinkler system, ensuring that your belongings are safe from fire.

  1. Less Hassle

You don’t have to worry about channelling Tetris as you pack all of your belongings into a storage unit.  We’ll pack your things for you or, if you want to do it yourself, we’ll provide you with a free guide to packing.  We can even supply all of the packing materials and accessories that you need to pack your container, and arrange insurance if you need it.

  1. More Convenience

As mentioned, we come right to your door.  So, you don’t have to worry about driving miles just to find a storage facility.  You can’t get more convenient than that!

These are some of the main benefits that come with mobile storage.  To learn more or book a container, contact us today!