The Advantages of Portable Storage Over Brick and Mortar

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May 15, 2016
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The advantages or portable self-storage solutions

In this day and age, mobility and accessibility are vital to our busy lifestyles.

We are able to work, play and live anywhere, and move around easily. Why shouldn’t we have a more mobile and accessible storage solution for our valuables as well?

Here is a look at the latest trend in storage solutions, portable storage containers and why it is taking over standard brick and mortar/garage storage facilities in the popularity stakes.

Access to your items

Most of us are always on our toes with the speed of modern day living. It is the age of mobility. We can live work and play from anywhere in the world. Storing your possessions in one building can be limiting when you are far from your storage facility and need access to your possessions quickly. By storing your items in portable storage containers, you are able to have one or more of your containers delivered to you as and when you need them.


Many storage facilities offer a standard sized room for you to store your household items and goods. Perhaps you only need a couple of items stored, but not enough to fill a full storage facility. Portable storage units allow you to store any sized item, from larger appliances to office documents, in one easily accessible container. No more rummaging through a large unorganized storage unit to find what you are looking for.


Most storage facilities are situated in industrial areas, far from suburbia and business hubs. Imagine you are far from your storage facility. Portable storage boxes are delivered to your door for packing, and collected when you are ready, taking the hassle out of back-and-forth travel to the storage facility.

Keeping things Organized

As well as keeping your items organized and categorized, imagine if you could have your items delivered to you by category. Perhaps you don’t need all your items immediately such as Grandmas Tapestry collection, but definitely need access to your Winter Clothes and Office Items? Portable Storage gives you the freedom to choose what you need delivered and unpacked when you need it.

Safety and Security

Most standard storage facilities have limited security systems, securing only the premises and not your own storage unit. Portable storage containers are each fitted with their own alarm system, keeping your items safe.

Portable storage is by far the best and most convenient way of storing your items.