How to Store Your Christmas Tree & Decorations

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Storage unit for Household Moving Day
From A to Easy: The ABCs of Choosing ‘Storage Facilities Near Me’ with Easy Store
January 10, 2024
The Art of Rotation: Swapping Out Seasons with Festive Self Storage
The Art of Rotation: Swapping Out Seasons with Festive Self Storage
January 22, 2024
Christmas Tree Storage After Celebration - Easy Store

How to Store Your Christmas Tree & Decorations

The festive season in South Africa is a time for braais under the summer sky, laughter echoing late into warm evenings, and, of course, decking the halls with boughs of holly. But as the holiday season winds down, the question arises: How do you store your Christmas tree and decorations? Let’s unwrap the mysteries of post-holiday storage, ensuring your festive gear stays as fresh and ready for the next season as a cool dip in the pool.

Why Proper Storage Matters

You may be wondering why proper storage for your Christmas decor matters. Why not just leave it on your basement floor or garage racks? Aside from excess moisture damage, here are some things to consider:

Proper Christmas Decorations For Next Holiday Season - Easy Store

1. Protecting Your Festive Investments

Your Christmas tree, whether a real tree or an artificial tree, and holiday decorations are not just items; they’re carriers of memories and joy. Proper storage not only preserves their condition but also protects them from the musty smell, damage, or wear, making sure they light up your holidays season after season.

2. Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive

Storing your decorations efficiently means less hassle and more excitement when the next holiday season rolls around. Imagine, instead of untangling lights or navigating through broken baubles, you have everything organised and ready to go. Our storage solution allows you to access your storage with a mere phone call, and we have portable storage that allows you to have the container delivered to your door!

Tips for Storing Your Christmas Tree

In South Africa, most households aren’t sawing down real evergreens to decorate their home with. This means you will need to store your synthetic tree, in whatever form, once December has passed. Here are some hot tips to make it easier to keep your tree in pristine condition.

Christmas Tree Storage Bag in South Africa - Easy Store

  • Artificial Tree Storage

If you have an artificial tree, especially a larger tree, dismantle it into three sections. Many people opt for tree storage bags or a tree storage box. These specialised storage solutions protect your faux tree from dust, pests, and moisture. Brands like Balsam Hill offer tree bags with sturdy zippers and water resistance, some even featuring bags with wheels for easy transport.

  • Real Tree Care

For those who prefer a fresh tree, it’s all about keeping it dry and away from extreme temperatures. Once you’re ready to say goodbye, recycle it responsibly. Some areas in South Africa offer tree recycling programs, turning your beloved green tree into mulch or wood chips.

  • Upright Storage Solutions

Consider upright tree bags for both real and artificial trees. They save space and allow for easier movement. Some storage options can even accommodate your pre-lit Christmas tree, saving you the hassle of disassembling the lights.

How to Store Holiday Decorations

Now that you’ve got the tree in the bag, here’s what to do with all the rest of your merry decorations.

Steps on Storing Holiday Decorations - Easy Store

1. Sorting and Categorising

Begin by categorising your decorations: lights, baubles, tree toppers, and other holiday decor. This will make both storage and future unpacking much simpler.

2. Use Plastic Wrap and Containers

For fragile items, plastic wrap or bubble wrap offers an extra layer of protection. When you store with Easy Store, we can pack these items for you if you want us to. Plastic storage containers are a popular option, thanks to their durability and ability to keep decorations safe from moisture and pests.

3. Lights Storage and Delicate Items

Wrap your Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard to prevent tangling. For extra security, store them in a sealed, plastic storage container. Light bulbs, especially spares or extra bulbs, should be kept in their original packaging or in a small, separate box.

4. Storing Garlands and Larger Decorations

Garlands and larger holiday items may require more spacious storage options. Consider using larger storage units or even dedicated holiday items storage solutions offered by facilities like Easy Store.

Where to Store Your Festive Gear

Choose The Right Place To Store Festive Decors - Easy Store

  • Choosing the Right Storage Space

A dry location away from heat sources and extreme temperature fluctuations is ideal. Avoid basements prone to dampness or attics with excessive heat. If space at home is limited, a storage unit at a facility like Easy Store can provide the perfect environment for your holiday decorations. Choose storage that is nearby or in the area so that you can easily access the facility if you need something that is stored away there.

  • Using Self-Storage Units

A self-storage unit offers the ideal solution for those who lack adequate space at home. With options for different unit sizes, you can find a space that comfortably fits your tree and all your decorations. Plus, facilities like Easy Store offer the convenience of 24-hour access and secure storage facilities. You can then keep all your decor safe while making room at home and reducing unnecessary clutter.

Tips for Next Season

Preparation For Next Christmas - Easy Store

  • Labelling and Inventory

Keep a list of what’s stored where. Labelling your containers can save you ample time and effort when the next holiday season comes knocking. Use see-through containers to make it even easier to identify which box is which.

  • Inspecting and Cleaning Before Storing

Give everything a good once-over before packing it away. Dust off your decorations and ensure your tree is clean and dry. This helps prevent any unwanted surprises next year.

  • Planning for Easy Access

Store items you’ll need first, like your tree, near the front of your storage space. This planning saves you from having to pull everything out when the festive season begins anew.

Wrapping It Up

Storing your Christmas tree and decorations needn’t be a post-holiday headache. With the right techniques and a bit of planning, you can ensure everything stays in tip-top shape, ready to bring joy and sparkle to your home year after year. And remember, if you’re short on space or want to keep your festive gear in pristine condition, Easy Store is here to help with our range of storage options and expert storage tips. Let us take the heavy lifting out of your holiday clean-up, leaving you free to bask in the South African sun, reminiscing about the wonderful time passed and looking forward to the next season of celebration.