Store Your Office Equipment when You Go Mobile

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Now that you have decided to go the mobile office route, there are some things you wont miss at all, but until you are sure this is the way you want to go, don’t get rid of all your office furniture, work stations, all-in-one machines and more. 

Big decisions need to be thought out carefully, and until you are 200% certain you no longer require all that expensive equipment, stationery, the entire office kitchen from the kettle to the fridge, it is best to make these decisions only after a trial period. You will need storage services for all this.

But for many entrepreneurs today, a cell phone and a PC is about all they need – right? Although this could be accurate, you might still find that you need a base to hold meetings and a boardroom where presentations and more need to be part and parcel of your working life. 

The mobile age is rendering the traditional office outdated, outmoded and old-fashioned, although for many it still holds a place in their lives and for many, this is still important, even if it is only part of the work day or work week. 

So, before you say goodbye to the carbon paper, rubber stamps, fax machine, and the storage cabinet, think it through before you sell off everything and instead store your items before you take that final step.