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Make use of our state-of-the-art storage services for a calm, fuss-free environment in your home. Feng Shui is more than a Chinese method of clearing your mind and space – it is an ancient Chinese art and science that dates back 3 000 years, although some elements of Feng Shui go back almost 6 000 years. Feng Shui integrates beauty with green design and spirituality on a whole other level. It is time to create balance and harmony by clearing out your space, and if you incorporate the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, you will be creating a nurturing environment.

Translated from the Chinese to English, Feng means "wind" and Shui means "water." Wind and water are associated with excellent health and good fortune. Various branches of Feng Shui include scholastic studies such as physics, philosophy, astronomy and astrology and closely related to the Taoist vision and understanding of all-natural things – especially the belief that the land is alive and well and filled with energy (chi).

Spring is staring us in the eye, and it is time to clear out the clutter and make space for new things. Storage facilities have been created with safety, security and terms to suit both long- and short-term storage to suit a wide range of needs. At Easy Store Midrand we take convenience and practicality up a couple of notches by bringing storage units to you for ease of packing, then transport the units back to our high-tech storage facility for your peace of mind.

Rethink, reorganise and revitalise your space by incorporating Feng Shui with a few simple tips to bring positive energy into your life. There are nine basic principles to apply to attract positive energy into your world.

These nine principles are a good point of entry to Feng Shui your environment:

  • Your entry door should open smoothly and quietly – this is the first and last entry point to your home
  • Only ever enter your home by the front door for good energy
  • Water brings good fortune to your home – place a water feature near the front door for good luck
  • Plants above any kitchen cabinets will instil good energy into your space
  • Always keep the bathroom door shut – water means wealth; therefore, you don’t want to risk flushing your good fortune and wealth down the drain
  • In the bedroom it is important to place the bed in a spot to see the door – this can be achieved through mirror images. The bed plays a vital role as you spend many hours in bed and many hours sleeping
  • Cover your television set to instil a calming aura
  • Always keep windows sparkling clean as these are not only the mirror to the soul but are the eyes to the world
  • The most important aspect of Feng Shui is to declutter everything – use self-storage units for all that excess stuff you simply don’t use all the time. This could be extra baby equipment, sports equipment, seasonal items and more. The less clutter you have, the calmer your space will become

Clearing your home to reenergize your life

It is no coincidence that clearing our environments makes us feel better – this is because the environment around us retains the energetic imprint of everything living that inhabits our space. Feng Shui focuses on colours, too, and it is especially interesting how the colours we choose can affect out mood and the energy in a home or office.

It is time to take full advantage of our world-class self-storage unit for decluttering. You can always change your mind and either get rid of the excess items after you discover you can easily live without all the stuff in your life, or you can donate and give away or sell those things you no longer use or need.