Storage is Trending During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Self-Storage When You Are Moving Offices or Home
March 12, 2021
10 Easy Steps to Downsize for Your New Location
March 17, 2021
Self-Storage When You Are Moving Offices or Home
March 12, 2021
10 Easy Steps to Downsize for Your New Location
March 17, 2021

Storage is Trending During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Here’s How it Can Benefit You!

When you are not sure what to do with extra items during a move, storage would be the obvious answer. Many have viewed it as a lifesaver during the lockdown and strict restrictive periods due to the pandemic. If you need storage facilities during or after COVID-19 lockdown, it’s important to find a facility and service provider that will help you choose the right size and that is located in your area.

How Will I Know I Have the Right Unit for My Items?

We will give you information and guide you over the phone. This is also the best way to keep the COVID-19 virus at bay. Many businesses have moved away from personal contact and turned to storage space because of the hygiene benefits.

Once you have established which unit is the best one for you, we will deliver your storage unit to you. We will either pack your goods, or you can pack your storage unit yourself. Once packed, we transport the unit to our warehouse for safekeeping.

How Can Self-Storage Benefit Companies After Lockdown?

The world is coming to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic. As the economy slowly recovers, the need for alternative space is clear. As businesses open, many changes have become obvious.

Wherever possible, employees are now working from their home offices. The result is an excess of furniture. Commercial office doors are closing. Remote work is gaining traction along with an increase in demand for self-storage solutions.

The result is that there is an overabundance of office furniture and equipment. Home offices are being established everywhere. Spaces in homes are being cleared to make way for work-from-home offices.

Self-storage has come to the rescue for many such companies and employees to help ease the transition during and after lockdown.

4 Smart Things You Need to Know About Storing Your Belongings

  1. The real estate property market is coming alive after being dormant for months. People will always buy and sell homes. The sale of homes slowed down distinctively during the lockdown period in 2020. As the property markets reawaken, certain decisions become necessary. One of these is where to find a safe place for all your excess items.
  2. Homeowners who have sold homes have found themselves betwixt and between homes. Banks don’t approve all bonds. The result is that many sales have fallen through. We need to make quick decisions during times of uncertainty. Storing one’s items is perhaps the most practical step to take in a time where the world has become so uncertain.
  3. You get flexibility when cancelling your storage unit. You can do this at a moment’s notice. We will never lock you into long leases or insist on lengthy contracts.
  4. Using a unit during a move could make the entire transition easy. Instead of having boxes lying everywhere, you can retrieve these. This can be as and when you need them from our warehouse.

6 Smart Things You Need to Know About Storing Your Business Belongings

  1. You can now store all your excess stock, freeing up space in your office, warehouse, or retail shop.
  2. Let us be your in-between place while you decide what your next step will be. Many businesses are moving, closing shop, or down-sizing. Storing your items until decisions are made is a wise step to take.
  3. As businesses from all industries open their doors, business owners are ordering stock. Excess stock will need to find a home. What better solution than storing your goods in a safe warehouse equipped with tight security?
  4. Many businesses prefer to buy in bulk. Storing excess items or stock in a lock-up facility makes sense. These often include personal protection equipment (PPE) and products. These could also be items such as cleaning products, hand sanitisers, and other items used in fighting the pandemic.
  5. For those individuals still working among others, social distancing is of paramount importance. The Spacing of school desks, restaurant tables, and chairs and office desks is necessary. The result is an excess of furniture and equipment that you will need to lock up in a safe place.
  6. Storing excess items in lock-up storage facilities is a practical way to keep your items safe for later use.

How Are Students Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic with Storage?

The pandemic has had a domino effect on many aspects of our lives. More and more students are learning remotely. Schools and other academic institutions have closed their doors. Humans are resourceful creatures. The result is thinking out of the box and making lemonade out of lemons.

The pandemic is rewriting the way we do things. Students are no exception. Storing excess items for later use has become the norm. Self-storage has once again come to the rescue of many students. This is until the world normalises.

We Make Storage Easy, Even in a Pandemic!

You call, we deliver your unit and pack your items. Should you prefer, you can pack your unit. Once this step is complete, we will deliver your secure unit to our high-tech warehouse.

Choose the right size unit for your belongings. We will never lock you into a long lease period or tie you into unpleasant contracts. You can choose any length of rental you need. Let us help you transition easily with convenient, safe and cost-effective storage options.