Storage has Just Got a Whole Lot Better

August 29, 2018
Holiday Storage Solutions
November 5, 2018
storage units

If it is convenience, locality, security and a fuss-free experience you are looking for when sour, we have you covered. 

For busy individuals, we have the entire storage solution down to pat. 

We will pack for you, or you can pack your own containers, plus we will provide you with state-of-the-art packing materials, and will then take the container away where it will be stored in a secure, high-tech warehouse, ensuring your goods are stored correctly. 

Even better still – whether you live in Doornfontein or Sandhurst – storage units in Johannesburg are easily accessible because we come to you, cutting out the challenges of transportation altogether. 

By making use of a user-friendly option of having your goods packed by our professional teams, taking care of the finest details at your premises, all you will then need to do to ensure peace of mind is to keep the key and we will take care of the rest. 

Furthermore, there are no deposits and notice periods, therefore you will be in a position to terminate your storage at any given time or at short notice should the need arise. 

Storage units in Johannesburg are there to ensure your assets are kept safely under lock and key all year round.