Your Garage vs a Self-Storage Unit

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August 4, 2017
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If you have a cluttered home that you want to start tidying up, you might be tempted to just throw everything in your garage as opposed to using, say, the professional storage Fourways has available. After all, your garage is convenient in that it’s located at your property and it’s free to use. But, when compared with a storage unit, is your garage a hands-down winner? We think not, and here’s why:

Why Storage Fourways Is Better Than Garage Storage

  1. Self-Storage Might Be Cheaper

Hear us out on this one. True, you have to pay for self-storage units while your garage is covered in your rent or mortgage payments. But, filling your garage to the brim with your spare belongings means that you have to park your car (or cars) in your driveway, and this could make your insurance premiums sky-rocket. Depending on the value of your cars and the risk-factor of your area, you might find that you end up paying more in insurance than you would for a self-storage unit.

  1. Self-Storage is Just as Convenient

With regards to our first point, you might argue that garage storage is still more convenient, even if it costs as much. But, we’d argue that point with you as well. With Easy Store, we don’t make you drive to us with all your belongings; we come to you. That’s right, we deliver your storage container right to your door and then, once it’s full, we take it to our storage facility. And, when you want to access it, we simply bring it back to you. So, our professional storage is just as convenient as your garage.

  1. Self-Storage is Safer

Does your garage have security alarms (linked to a response company), fire and smoke detectors, all-night floodlighting, and all-weather protection? Our storage warehouse does, ensuring that your goods will be exceptionally safe while in our care.

  1. Self-Storage is Better at Making Order of Chaos

Finally, opting for professional storage is better at prompting you to make clear decisions about what to store and what to throw away. With a self-storage unit you will tend to pack only the items that you are sure you want to keep, which helps you be more decisive when decluttering. With your garage, however, you might be tempted to simply put anything and everything in there, even if you aren’t sure about whether you actually want it.

Use the Storage Fourways Has Available

When you look at it from our perspective, self-storage has some definite benefits over garage storage. So, if you want to capitalise on these benefits and have a clear space in which to park your car, now is the time to make that call and secure some storage space!