Save Space this Winter with Self Storage

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March 23, 2017
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April 10, 2017
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With the weather getting steadily cooler, winter is on the horizon.  So before it comes rolling in full-force, now is the time to think about storing some of your summer goods so that they don’t become unnecessary clutter over the cold months ahead.  For this purpose, you won’t find a better solution than storage units.

Storage units give you the space you need to free your home of some items that you just don’t need in the winter.  Some of these items are:

Pool Toys and Equipment

While you might want to hang onto your leaf skimmer through the autumn, you don’t need all of the equipment that you require in the summer to keep your pool blue.  And, when it comes to pool toys, you don’t need anything!  Even though the winter temperatures can get into the 20s, you still won’t be floating around on a lilo as the wind blows over your pool.  Free up some precious space and put it all in storage!

Gardening Tools

Again, while a rake might come in handy in the autumn, you won’t be doing the same level of gardening through the winter.  Why not store the bulk of your gardening tools and enjoy the space that you free up?

Summer Clothes

There’s no sense in leaving your cupboards overflowing with summer clothes while it’s cold outside.  In the winter your wardrobe will probably be more limited, consisting of a few trusty jackets and cosy jerseys.  So, instead of having to fight all of your summer clothes just to get these out of the cupboard, give your winter clothes their own space for a few months and store your summer wardrobe.

Recreational Equipment

If you have vehicles such as off-road motorcycles, quad-bikes, or dune buggies, you might want to store them until the weather gets warmer.  And, you surely won’t be using holiday items like surfboards or body-boards, so you might as well store them until you next hit the coast.

Storage Near Me

You might say, ‘Sure, that sounds good, but I want storage near me so I don’t have to go out in the cold.’  Well, we can do you one better!

At Easy Store, we approach storage differently.  We bring a storage unit right to your house, then store it in our secure facility until you want it again.  It doesn’t get nearer to you than that.

So, to save space this winter and not have to drive miles to do it, contact us today!

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