Spring is in The Air and So Are Bugs

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Cleaning out at the beginning of Spring is vital as this is the season when bugs and other pests start breeding as the weather starts to warm up. But this spring, more than ever before, it is time to rethink our work and home spaces especially as many of us are now working remotely from our homes as a result of the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, numerous offices and other workspaces have been left fallow for a couple of months, encouraging creepy crawlies to move in and make themselves at home. Remote work has become the norm and not the exception in South Africa, creating a whole new way of working and interacting with our homes, colleagues, and families. It is time to think out of the box and create smart spaces to make everything work to our advantage. Get creative, get inventive, and do things differently. Start by clearing your space of all clutter. 

One Category at a Time 

The best way to clear out any space, whether it is the office or home office, is to begin by clearing out one category at a timeFor example, in the home, you would often discover that papers could be found in the kitchen, living room, study, bathroom and many other places in and around the home. Clear out all papers and magazines, books, and files, treating them as a single entity. This makes sense as these are perfect breeding grounds for moths, fish moths, cockroaches (even clean homes and offices have these), mice, fleas, spiders, and other nasty creatures that could easily feel at home in nooks and crannies that are not cleared out or accessed regularly. 

To free up space and create that excellent home office environment, remove any excess furniture, electronic equipment, appliances, tables, chairs, filing cabinets, printers and other items you are not ready to be rid of yet but don’t have sufficient space for. If you are not planning to have a huge sale on these and other items, then donating them to a charity or storing them in a self-storage until you get around to deciding at a later stage is the way to go. 

Creating a clutter-free environment that is clean, bug-free, and spacious is all-important both physically and psychologically. You will be pleased to learn that once your space is free of the excess clutter, pictures, plants, knick-knacks, files, papers, chairs, tables, printers, etc., you will be amazed at how organised your workspace will be. 

Additionally, it is so much easier to keep a decluttered environment clean and free of any pests and bugs that could be tempted to make nests in books, papers, and other items if left unattended. 

Decluttering Gives You a Feeling of Satisfaction 

A cluttered space compromises one’s perception of home or office and the feeling of satisfaction is lost amongst the noise. Many of us identify with items that are close to our hearts causing clutter that could stop us from enjoying our space. Clutter stops the flow of thought processes and preventyou from moving and thinking. 

It is spring, the lockdown in South Africa is easing off, and with so many of us working from home it is time to think clearly in a pristine environment. Store those excess items in self-storage, sit back, and enjoy your clutter-free home, workspace or home office. Bugs will not have a leg to stand on in your newly decluttered space.