Smart Tips for Successful Household Storage

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August 19, 2019
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September 26, 2019

There’s a right way and a wrong way to get the most out of your household storage facility. Keeping your items safe and dry will guarantee their longevity and until you need your household items again these tips will ensure they are kept in good condition.

Listed here are some smart tips to keep your household items, while in storage, in tip-top shape  

  • Only ever use unprinted paper to wrap your items when packing, otherwise, the ink from newspapers and other printed paper could rub off 
  • It is a good idea to make use of moving pads and furniture covers to keep your household items dry, thus preventing any moisture damage 
  • Any chair or furniture legs should be wrapped, too, to prevent these from scratching 
  • A convenient idea is to place any items that need to be accessed frequently right at the front of the self-storage unit. A good example is seasonal clothing and other items that you might need as the seasons change, especially if use the household storage unit longer than you originally planned 
  • It makes sense to create an isle if you are planning to visit your household storage units frequently; this will make access so much easier 
  • Disassemble items such as bed frames and other large furniture but be smart and tape the screws, nuts and bolts and any other bits and pieces to the item in question 
  • Label every box and keep a list on your PC as well as a hard copy so that you know where everything is and where everything goes 
  • Flammable items are a big no-no, so leaves these out altogether 
  • Don’t make the boxes too heavy, and using stackable plastic containers that are uniform in shape will make stacking a lot simpler 

For extra safety, it is a great idea to insure the items with your insurance service provider. Invest in a top-notch lock for peace of mind, too. 

Free up space or use household storage units when moving or relocating – it’s the wise thing to do.