Space Saving Storage Solution Ideas For Small Bedrooms

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June 23, 2021
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July 23, 2021
Free Up Space in Your South African Place

Smart Ideas to Free up Space In Your South African Place

Space is at a premium. This is especially the case during COVID-19, where many of us need to work from home. You might live in an apartment or you might live in an average-sized home.

Freeing up space makes sense and will save you money. Upsizing could prove to be expensive. Easy Store will help you with your storage needs. We tell you how to make this work for you.

What Are the Benefits of Freeing Up Space Without Paying More?

1. Convenience.

Self storage units offer a convenient and flexible solution when storage is at a premium.

Big or small. It makes little difference what size your space is. The convenience of flexible solutions using Easy Store’s self-storage units cannot be questioned. Choose a storage company offering many services that will make the process easy in terms of storage and moving items.

Our team of professionals will deliver your unit to you. We will pack for you if you prefer, and once packed, we will take your unit back to our secure warehouse!

2. Flexibility.

The best part about self-storage is that you will never be locked into long leases. Choose a month or a year. It’s entirely up to you!

No deposits, no debit orders, and no lengthy contracts. Self-storage is the perfect solution when you run out of space and need more room. Provided you don’t store anything hazardous, we store almost anything!

3. Accommodate Growth.

Your business is growing, and with it the need for more space. It might be tempting to get bigger premises, rent a warehouse, or source larger offices. Avoid the temptation of finding larger premises. Instead, find storage space such as self-storage facilities to free up room.

Get smart and think out of the box. Store any excess office furniture or stock in adequately sized storage units. You will be pleasantly surprised at how practical and affordable this solution can be.

4. Safety & Security.

You are the only one to keep the key to your unit at our secure storage facilities, and you have 24-hour access. Once the unit is packed, it will be taken to our high-tech warehouse for safekeeping. Store your important items in secure storage units. This is often more secure than putting them in your office or home.

Our high-tech warehouse offers you the security you need. We guarantee that your belongings are safe from the time we collect your unit at your doorstep to storing them in our warehouse. Armed response and an alarm system add an extra layer of security for our storage buildings.

5. Money Back in Your Pocket!

Did you know that renting a self storage unit can help put money back in your pocket?

You understand the importance of saving money wherever you can if you own a business. More money coming in and less going out is good. Save wherever you can.

This is not the time to splash out on bigger office space or renting premises. You can find extra space if you rent a storage unit. Rent a storage unit without locking yourself into onerous leasing contracts.

Renting a self-storage unit is a no strings attached deal. Renting a warehouse is an entirely different picture. You could save on the costs you would pay for a warehouse or office space. Even if you need storage for home, you could free up a room to rent out and bring in extra cash!

6. It Can Act as Your Handy Warehouse.

Are your professional staff now working from a home office during and beyond lock down? Are you a small business in need of more space? Living spaces are being converted into home offices, hence the need to free up more space.

Use your self-storage to free up your current location for office hours. Easy Store offers a wide range of common storage unit sizes to accommodate your storage requirements. Enjoy peace of mind with the storage of your choice.

7. It’s a Convenient Walk-in Archive.

Your self-storage unit is the perfect place for storing documents. Find extra storage space for all those important and sensitive items. Our mobile storage units are the perfect solution to store sensitive information.

Paper documents are often necessary to keep for a certain number of years. These are often for taxation purposes. Self-storage can be of great help when it comes to storing your important documents. We all know that everything can be digital now but the downside of it is the susceptibility to security breaches.

8. Make Any Transition Phase Easier.

Is your business going through changes? Have you closed shop due to the pandemic, downsized or started working from a home office? Whatever your business is going through, our self-storage units will assist with the transition period. Store all your excess items in self-storage units to make this a painless exercise.

Find Out More About our World-Class Storage Units to Free Up Space.

Find out more about our self-storage units and how you can free up space without upsizing or moving. Send us a message today and we will help you save space or make your transition an easy one.

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