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June 15, 2020
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Going paperless is the best way to run any office environment. The papers that you do feel you need to hang onto can easily be stored off-site in self-storage units. 

Businesses are gravitating towards working remotely as much as possible. This is especially the case during the COVID-19 pandemic. Families are increasingly finding that working from home can be cramped and difficult. Making space at short notice could be a challenge, although there are smart ways to overcome these difficulties. 

Here Are Seven Ideas to Go Paperless 

  • Paperless Document Storage 

Store as much as possible in the cloud as paperless document storage is easily accessible, safe and secure. Should your computer crash or we experience a sudden power surge or load shedding, important documents are automatically saved. By filing your documents in the cloud, you save on paper and can share your files easily with your team or with clients. The best part is that you have control over who can and who cannot access your files 

  • Technology Takes Meetings to New Heights 

Technology is a wonderful thing. As we struggle with being away from our formal work environments meetings can now be held remotely. Furthermore, there is no paper needed to interact with each other – everything is now online or live. If your office has not gone paperless yet, it is time they did. Slideshows, whiteboards, shared screens; these are all moves towards being paperless in meetings 

  • Ditch Notes and Paper for Communicating 

There are no excuses for using paper for communicating with smartphones and email at the ready. Perhaps one of the easiest and most user-friendly options for communication is through your electronic devices. Everyone uses Watts App Groups and other platforms to communicate such as Teams. Get all bills and statements sent electronically. Use your electronic calendars to schedule meetings, conference calls etc. 

  • Store Documents Safely in the Cloud 

An important document that you want to hold onto can be scanned and stored in the cloud using a scanner or scanner app. There are, however, many documents that are still required in hard copy form. These are usually filed by accountancy and law firms. Keep these safe and secure off your premises by filing them in self-storage units for ease of access 

  • Save Energy Investing in Energy-Saving Equipment 

For home office and small businesses, investing in energy-saving equipment is a great way moving forward. This is especially pertinent when all functions are performed digitally. Replace your lights with LED lights to save on energy. These will also last a lot longer doing away with frequent changing of bulbs 

  • Paperless Signatures 

E-signatures will eliminate the need for paper contracts and leases, limiting paper and excess documents. This is the perfect way to do away with the printing of numerous pages of documents – a brilliant new method moving towards going paperless 

  • Receipts Go Digital 

Sending digital receipts is the way to go. Digital receipts are a fantastic option for retail shops, restaurants, hair and beauty salons among others. Digital receipts never fade and can be safely stored in the cloud to access at a later stage. For busy businesses, digital receipts save time, too, when business is thriving 

Paperless is safe, easy and practical. Save space by doing everything from leases and documentation online. Hold meetings remotely and schedule leave, diaries and more by making use of devices to assist. There is an app for just about everything. Investigate the numerous possibilities to make your move to paperless easier. For businesses with hard copy, files store these in Document storage units off your premises. Contact Easy Store for Document Storage and more storage services. This is an easy, neat way to free up space in the home office or small to medium enterprise. Less clutter leads to a fuss-free environment that is easy to keep clean and sanitised keeping the COVID-19 virus at bay.