Self-Storage Vs. Warehouse Space

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January 6, 2022
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Every business owner wants to save money. The best way to save is to cut back on the extras that eat into your bank balance. Business owners constantly need extra space for goods as they grow.

Warehousing is expensive. Extra warehouse storage might give you the additional space you need. It will, however, come with extra costs. A traditional warehouse will incur additional costs that include warehouse operators, insurance, operational costs, and more.

Self-storage units provide storage solutions for businesses and homeowners. Some of the major benefits of self-storage units offer the distinct advantage of flexibility. A booming business will constantly require the perfect place to store supplies, goods, and freight.

7 Reasons Why Self-Storage is Better than aWarehouse

1. You Save Money with Self-Storage.

Some benefits of self-storage we should know about include lower costs and flexibility. There are no hidden costs when renting a self-storage unit, and no unpleasant surprises, either!

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a self-storage unit is you can up- size or downscale your unit. This will depend on how much or how little space you need. Self-storage spaces cost less per meter. The smart thing to do is to compare warehousing and self-storage unit costs. You can rent your self-storage space on a month-on-month basis. Should you decide to stop renting, there are no contracts or leases that will lock you in.

2. There Are No Hidden Costs with Self Storage (as with Warehousing).

Businesses renting warehousing are often privy to hidden costs. These usually include expenses such as insurance, water and lights, and rates and taxes. With self-storage, you will pay one rental cost per month. There are no hidden costs.

A flat monthly rental is all you need to pay. There are no nasty surprises, such as security, electricity, or price increases.

3. There is No Contract or Lease with Self Storage.

A lease can lock you into a warehouse space for six months to two years. Self-storage units do not lock you into contracts. They do not bind you to admin or paperwork. You never have to worry about moving out and moving on at short notice. Self-storage rentals are flexible. You might want a storage space for as little as a month.

4. You Only Rent and Pay for What you Need.

Do you need another self-storage unit? Or do you need a little less space than you expected? We do not lock you into renting more or less space. When renting a warehouse, you take and pay for what you get. You may end up paying more for a much larger space than you need. If you have too much or too little space, the space is a fixed amount until the lease expires.

5. Flexibility Helps You Save Money.

You might need a lot more space in the future. However, today you only need half that amount of space to store your goods. Warehousing is an inflexible option when leasing space.

Self-storage solves your storage problems today, tomorrow, and always! You save money with flexible storage solutions. The reverse also applies. Should you need far LESS space down the line, you have the option to downscale.

Put money back in your pocket with flexible options.

6. How Does Self-Storage Offer Businesses Short-Term Solutions.

You have a huge delivery arriving and are short of space in your office or warehouse. Where can you store the excess items? Self-storage units are here to take care of all your self-storage problems. Rent storage short-term to resolve storage emergencies.

7.Self-Storage is a Secure Storage Option.

South Africa has high crime statistics. Unless your warehouse has state-of-the-art security, your goods are vulnerable! Many warehouses are in isolated locations. They often subject these isolated warehouses to robberies. Self-storage facilities offer you secure commercial self-storage solutions. Our high-tech facility is secure, offering your goods the safety you deserve.

Owing to their remote locations away from the principal city and from your business operations, warehouses could pose a security threat. Renting self-storage gives you peace of mind.

You will have a space where your goods enjoy 24/7 security. You will need security systems put in place when renting a warehouse. You will need a security company to monitor your security system. The costs add up.

Get an Affordable Self Storage Space with EasyStore!

When comparing the benefits of self-storage units to those of warehousing, storage facilities win. The benefits of self-storage far outweigh those of warehouses. There are no leases involved, and we don’t demand debit order payments.

Downsize or upscale as your business develops. Find out more about affordable storage space by sending us a message today. We offer a wide range of storage options, regardless of what type of storage you need.