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Spring cleaning might seem like an intimidating task – it need not be onerous if you make use of self-storage units in Sandton. It is time for you to find a home for all that extra stuff you simply don’t want to or have the heart to get rid of. After all, how can you clean when there is clutter all over the home or your office?

Start your spring cleaning off on the right foot with Easy Store’s storage services – we pride ourselves on doing self-storage a little differently in that we come to you and not the other way around. Furthermore, a professional team will assist with packing your container for you if you need the help, but if you prefer to do it yourself, the container will be left for you to pack the unit, and when done, the self-storage unit will be collected to be taken to our state-of-the-art storage facility where your goods will be kept dry and safe.

Follow these three pointers to get started:

  • It is almost impossible to clean an area if every single available space is jam-packed with clutter. If you are drowning in papers, books and other bits and bobs that you somehow struggle to find a home for, it is time to take a serious, hard look at how you can either donate or give these away. If your items are sentimental and you simply cannot get rid of these things, then placing them in storage in uniform containers is a good move forward
  • As the seasons change, those items used specifically for a season that are no longer needed should be put away; additionally, items such as beach umbrellas, cooler boxes and picnic baskets don’t need to surface until the weather heats up. The same goes for heaters and other winter items that are not needed when it gets warm. Storage facilities have been created to free up space – take advantage of seasonal changes by using storage facilities to make the task at hand easier
  • If you no longer like it, wear it or need it – donate it to someone who will appreciate that warm winter coat or jumper you no longer wear or that you find has gone out of fashion. If an item no longer brings a smile to your face, then it has serviced its purpose
  • Sell unwanted items on Gumtree, Facebook’s Marketplace or OLX to get cash for your unwanted items. Turn your junk into cash as your junk might be someone else’ treasure

Decluttering gives you a feeling of great achievement, freeing up your space to become a place that is easy and clean to live in.

Here are a couple of smart moves to clearing out your bedroom, kitchen and living room – it need not feel like a mammoth task’; the secret is to get started and clear out every room by category:

Ideas to clear out the kitchen

  • Check whether the food you have in your cupboards, fridge or freezer have expired – if they have it is time to throw them away
  • Medicines and pills that have expired should be flushed down the toilet
  • Unused gadgets and kitchen appliances can be sold online
  • Donate your unused appliances to charity outlets
  • Charities and libraries are always grateful for used books – it is time to rid yourself of all those unwanted recipe books
  • Recycle absolutely everything – this is a great way to take care of the environment and declutter at the same time
  • Use up all that extra food in the freezer – either cook it, eat it, or throw it away

Ideas to clear out the living areas in your home

  • Chances are, if you have read a book, you won’t need it any longer. It is then time to give it away
  • Clear away all those surfaces – find a home for remotes, CD’s and videos – it is the digital age, after all
  • Frame the pictures you want to keep and get rid of those you no longer want or need

Ideas to clear out the bedroom

  • Pack away those coats and jumpers you won’t be needing during the summer months, although it is clever to keep a few warm items out for chilly evenings
  • The chances are that you are never going to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes – it is time to ditch the clothes that are either faded, old or no longer fashionable
  • If you have jewellery lying in the draw – either have it fixed or give it away
Organise your home today to enjoy a calm, uncluttered existence. Self -storage units are an excellent opportunity to make your spring-cleaning project successful.