Easy Store

Easy Store Self-Storage Units in Roodepoort

We deliver your storage unit to you and pick it up again to make storage in Randburg easier than ever!

Easy Store is here to show you how easy it is to use our self-storage units. The process is straightforward. Once you have booked a unit, we deliver it to your premises in Roodepoort. Book one, two, or three units. You only pay for what you use. Once packed, call us and we take your packed unit to our safe storage facility. Easy Store knows that storage should be easy and fuss-free. We offer our customers different sized units combined with efficient service. These are all at affordable prices. Take the next step to free up your space. Call us for storage space in South Africa.!

How to Free Up Your Space No Matter Where You Live!

Do you live in Roodepoort, Midrand, Sandton, or Fourways? Easy Store offers an efficient delivery of one or more units to your door. This is a huge saving as you do not need to source a removal company. Once the unit is ready for collection, call us. We take your unit to our high-tech warehouse for safekeeping.

All It Takes is 5 Easy Steps to Get More Space! Here's How:

1. Step #1. Call Our Professional Staff to Book Your Self-Storage Unit.

Book as many units as you need. Either call us or send a message online. Remember, you only pay for what you use. Book your unit or units with Easy Store. There is no need to find transport for good to our warehouse. We come to you! You have 24 hours to pack your unit. Our friendly staff will deliver one or more units as close as possible to your door. Enjoy professional service on a whole new level.

2. We Pack, You Pack. It's Up To You. The Process is Easy!

Easy Store offers you a packing service. Or you can pack your own unit. The choice is yours. Use this outstanding service to make your packing experience a pleasure! Once we have delivered your container or containers, you have 24 hours to pack your go world-class packing service to make the process easy. Our enthusiastic staff have made packing easy for our customers. You have the option of using our professional, supervised team of packers.

Make use of the packing paraphernalia we supply and our free handy booklet. Get the hints and tips you need. Don't make packing a problem. Get all the help you can use.

3. We Guarantee Safety, and You Keep the Keys.

We take the safety of your goods and unit to heart. The only person in possession of keys to your unit is you! Each container has two locks. Use your own or get yours from us. You keep the keys to your locks for safety reasons.

4. Call Us to Collect Your Packed Container.

Once you have completed packing your container, call us. We will collect your container or containers. The best part of using Easy Store's services from Roodepoort is the transport! There is no need to find your own transportation for goods to and from warehouses. Once you have finished packing, call us. We collect your container or containers. We then take your packed items to our high-tech warehouse for safekeeping.

5. Once Stored, Is It Difficult To Gain Access to My Stored Goods?

The answer is - not at all! All you need to gain regular access to your stored goods is to contact Easy Store. Easy Store operates from Monday to Friday during business hours. We prefer 24-hour notice to give us time to prepare your container for your visit. The relevant staff will assist.

What can I store in my self-storage unit?

  1. The storage of office items and household furniture.
  2. Storage of all household goods (also called domestic storage).
  3. Storage of electrical equipment.
  4. Business items. Storage units are perfect for business products and document storage.
  5. You can use your unit for luggage storage or to store almost anything that will fit.

The Benefits of Using Easy Store In Roodepoort

  • Practicality. We deliver your unit to your door. No need for transportation of your goods.
  • State-of-the-art safe warehousing to put your mind at ease. Enjoy renting a self-storage unit at our secure storage facility.
  • As an extra precaution, you keep the key to your locked unit. No third party will have access to your unit.
  • Our warehouse has alarm systems connected to an armed response company.
  • Well-priced from only R626 a month excluding VAT
  • Increase or decrease storage space with ease.
  • Get the exceptional service you deserve.
  • Enjoy peace of mind. This is with the knowledge we have safely locked your unit in our high-tech warehouse.

  • Rental options are cash only with no debit orders.
  • We don’t ask for a deposit. Neither do we expect you to sign any contracts.

  • Rent your unit on a month-to-month basis. We need no notice period. No need for a calendar month notice.
  • Easy Store Self Storage offers international shipping options.
  • There are no pro rata costs.

Is There Only One Size Unit to Rent?

  1. Get your shipping container on the Easy Store premises. Measurements are 2.35 (w) x 2.44 (h) x 6.00 (l).
  2. We deliver and collect the full storage container. The measurements are 2.00 (w) x 2.00 (h) x 1.5 (l).
  3. We deliver and collect the quarter storage container that measure 1.0 (w) x 1.00 (h) and 1.5 (l).
  4. We deliver and collect our portable on demand storage to and from your premises. Pods measure 1.30 (w) x 2.40 (h) x 2.30 (l).

Take Advantage of Easy Store's Convenient and Affordable Storage Options in Roodepoort

There is no need to look for storage in Roodepoort., South Africa. We offer amazing service and deliver and collect your units from your door.

Find out more about our storage options for Roodepoort. Call EasyStore Self Storage for a formal quote and find out more about prices for storage units. We are a friendly company offering excellent service for individuals and businesses in and around Roodepoort. Call us to book your unit. We deliver, pack, collect and store. We tailor our storage solutions to your specific needs. Our customer service will take your storage up a couple of notches. Enjoy efficient self-storage to free up space. We pride ourselves on being one of the top storage companies in South Africa.