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Easy Store Self-Storage Units in Randburg
Are You Looking for Storage in Randburg? We Deliver and Collect! Find out more about our affordable and easy self-storage services in Randburg, South Africa.

Make Easy Store, Randburg, South Africa, your #1 choice when looking for secure storage spaces. We offer South Africans top-notch storage solutions. Our units are practical, secure, and come at affordable prices. Choose from a wide range of storage sizes. Easy Store caters to the needs of customers from across the board. Let us tailor storage spaces for you today for personal and business use. Choose our storage facilities for the safekeeping of your goods.

All it Takes is 6 Easy Steps for Storage in Randburg!

The easiest way to store your stuff is at a storage unit at Easy Store Randburg. You call, book your unit with us, and the rest is so easy! You call us. We deliver the storage unit or units to you. This helps you save on transport costs. No need to find transport services to get your stuff to our warehouse. Order 1, 2, or 3 units. Choose from a variety of sizes. We deliver world-class storage units of varying sizes right to your door!

1. Let Us Bring the Container to You. There is No Need for Transport.

The # 1 benefit Easy Store offers clients is transport. There is no need to source your own. Once you've booked your unit, Easy Store will deliver your unit (or units) to your door. We offer this for clients in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria. We deliver the container to your business or home. What you don't use, you don't pay for. It's as easy as that!

2. Why Packing Your Container Just Got Easier. You Pack or We Pack.

Packing your unit has never been easier. You pack your own unit, or we offer a packing service. Easy Store's hassle-free service frees you up. You can then to focus on other important aspects of your move. If you pack your own unit, make use of the hints and tips Easy Store has for you. Our handy free Easy Store packing guide will make packing even easier. This guide will give you all the hints and tips you need. Find out how best to store everything from breakables to electronics. You need materials to pack your goods. Easy Store supplies essential packing paraphernalia. You will soon pack like a pro. Our containers measure 2.1m high, is 2.1m long and 1.5m wide. This is a practical size. This allows customers to pack up to 800 kg goods easily. Once we have delivered the containers, you have 24 hours to pack. We provide useful information to ensure a successful packing experience.

3. You Hold the Key to Your Unit. Safety Guaranteed.

The safety of your unit is important. That is why you lock your unit, and you hold the key. It's as simple as that. Your container needs two locks. This will ensure the safety of your container. Order the locks from Easy Store. Or supply your own. You hold the keys to your unit, which guarantee safety. Our warehouse boasts 24/7 security.

4. Call When You're Ready. We Collect the Ready-Packed Unit.

Once you have packed your container, simply call us. We collect your container and take it back to our warehouse. Easy Store, South Africa, will load your packed container or containers onto our truck. It is so easy. All it takes is a phone call.

5. Is It Easy to Gain Access to Storage Once Its Stored?

All it takes is a phone call to gain access to your container. All we need is 24-hours' notice. This will give Easy Store enough time to prepare your containers for your visit. If you are looking for accessible storage, our secure storage facilities have you covered.

What Can I store Inside My Easy Store Self-Storage Unit?

Running out of space? In need of decluttering to free up your garage. Self-storage will solve these and other storage dilemmas. Our cheap self-storage offers flexible storage solutions for businesses and homes. Our portable storage solutions have something for everyone.

You can store:

  • Our storage units are great for business storage and document storage.
  • Our units are perfect for furniture storage.
  • Cars and art.

12 Benefits of Using Easy Store Randburg

  1. Peace of mind, knowing your goods are secure without advanced security systems.
  2. Convenience. We collect, pack, and take your unit to our secure warehouse for safekeeping.
  3. Our storage is cost effective.
  4. Increase your personal self-storage. Or decrease your storage with ease.
  5. We collect and drop off your unit. There is no need for transportation.
  6. Our warehouse boasts top-notch security.
  7. We don't ask for a deposit.
  8. You don't pay with a debit order.
  9. Because we offer a month-to-month rental option, we do not lock you into an agreement.
  10. You don't have to give us notice.
  11. There are no pro rata costs.
  12. We offer international shipping.

Call Us Today for Self-Storage in Randburg! You Call, We Deliver, Pack, and Store.

All it takes is a phone call to book your self-storage unit in Randburg. You can store almost anything in a variety of sizes. Find our more and select options with our convenient service. Do you need a shipping container, full storage container, quarter storage container, or a pod? Store almost anything in one of our conveniently sized containers. Call us today to find out everything you need to know about Randburg storage.