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Self Storage Units in North Riding

Ten Top Tips For Your Self Storage In North Riding

Easy Store makes North Riding self-storage easy. We have decades of experience under our belts, ensuring your goods are kept safe and dry in a high-tech, secure warehouse. Our team of professional, friendly staff members are trained to pack your items expertly (should you prefer to pack the goods yourself we will still deliver the container to you for packing); the container will then be collected, delivered to our Randburg warehouse, and you keep the key. The warehouse is lit at night with floodlights, is surrounded by electric fencing, and has state-of-the-art fire prevention equipment.

Whether you are planning to downsize, declutter or find yourself in-between places and spaces, self-storage is a great solution until you find your feet or sell or donate your items.

Here are ten “must-do” tips to ensure your self-storage is a success

  • Pests are the bane of our lives when living in a hot climate such as Gauteng. Spiders, moths, and even rodents could find their way into your unit and wreak havoc on your items, despite the best efforts – you could pack items at home and with it, unhatched eggs and larvae of destructive pests.
    Dryer sheets will ensure your unit is kept pest-free – pop these in the corners of your unit but remember to renew them every couple of weeks. The smell is not only pleasant but will repel creepy crawlies, too
  • Pack your goods right up to the ceiling as you need to maximise your space – this is the best way to get bang for your buck. Pack your items one on top of the other (vertically) to maximise the smallest space. Large plastic containers the same size is a brilliant option for uniformity and keeping everything dry
  • Use shelving units if you are worried about packing too much weight on top of the bottom boxes
  • Always pack your breakables and delicate items in bubble wrap
  • Compile an in-depth inventory and label your boxes carefully – list the contents of each box to make it easy to locate items
  • Make an aisle down the middle of your unit to ensure easy access when you need to get something out of storage or access items
  • Place the labels of the boxes facing the front of the unit so that they are easily located
  • Store fragile items in drawers and dustbins once they have been bubble-wrapped – this is a great way to save on space
  • Disassemble everything that can be taken apart – remember to keep all the screws, nuts and bolts with the items that have been disassembled. Wrap legs and other parts of furniture once they have been taken apart and tape the nuts, bolts and screws to these parts
  • Your large appliances such as your fridges, dishwashers and freezers need to be completely dry when going into storage. Otherwise the water in these items will leak out and wet all your boxes

One more excellent tip to make sure everything is kept safe and dry is to incorporate the use of zip-seal and vacuum seal bags. Treating your leather furniture is also a great idea – this will keep your leather chairs or lounge suite looking as good as new.

These ten tips will make your storage units work for you, save you money, time and take long-term care of any items in storage. Whether you need self-storage in North Riding, Sandton, Pretoria, Randburg, the East of Jozi or the North, Easy Store has the solution to all those storage dilemmas