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Easy Store Self-Storage Units in Northriding
It's easy to store with us if you are in Northriding. Our delivery and packing services make it more convenient than ever!

Where can I find top-notch self-storage in Northriding? Easy Store is offering South Africans top-notch storage solutions for storage dilemmas. Our units are practical, secure, and affordable. There is no need to have storage units in Northriding because we deliver and collect. Therefore, we should be your #1 choice when looking for storage facilities in and around Northriding. We offer a wide range of storage sizes. We offer customers solutions from across the board. Whether you are downsizing or up-scaling, we have a unit size for your needs.

Get More Space in 5 Easy Steps

Send us a message online or call us for your storage requirements. You might want more than 1 unit. Once you book your unit, we deliver the unit. Either you pack or our team of professional staff will pack. It's up to you. If you pack your unit, we offer packing hints and tips that will get you packing like a professional. There are no debit orders, leases, and long-term commitments.

1. The #1 Perk Is We Bring the Container Right to Your Door!

Northriding storage has never been easier. Why? Because we deliver the storage unit right to your door. There is no need to source transport to get your good to storage. This is how it works:

  • Call us or send a message to book a unit. Our enthusiastic staff will advise you.
  • Once you are happy with the quote, we deliver the unit to you.
  • Order as many units as you think you might use.
  • You only pay for the self-storage units you do not use.

2. We Offer Professional Packing Services to Ease the Load.

Packing your unit is so easy. Our team of supervised packers will pack your unit while you focus on other important matters. Should you choose to pack your own unit, our handy free booklet is jam-packed with hints and tips. Or you can use our team of professional packers. It is entirely up to you. We supply the right materials, such as bubble wrap and tape. This will ensure the safety of your goods. Get everything you need for storage under one umbrella! Store up to 800kg with ease in our spacious units. Once delivered, you will have 24 hours to pack your container.

3. We Take Safety Seriously. Only You Get to Keep the Key.

The safety of your self-storage unit is as important to us as it is to you. You get to keep the key to the locks of your unit. You will need two locks for each Easy Store self-storage unit. Ordering your locks is easy at Easy Store. Or you can get your own. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing only you hold the key to your unit.

4. The Secret to Brilliant Storage is Convenience.

We will take your packed container to our warehouse. Enjoy peace of mind with a high security environment. Once your container is ready for collection, our helpful staff members will collect it. We are a phone call away for bookings and collections.

5. Do I Have Ease of Access to My Container?

You will have easy access to your storage unit at our Ferndale, Randburg, warehouse. Access is during business hours. Call us to access your storage unit. You must give us 24-hour notice for access. We are a phone call away.

Why You Might Need to Store Goods

Free up space in your home or office by storing a wide range of items in self-storage. Easy Store offers high-tech storage solutions for everyone. We store almost everything from furniture to files. There are some items that you should never store in a unit. Contact us to find out what you can or cannot store in our units.

Benefits of Using Easy Store If You Are in Northriding

  • We offer you peace of mind through practical solutions.
  • Ditch the fuss and use our packing services. Our team of supervised packers will pack your container for you.
  • We collect and drop off your container at your door. You don't need to organise transportation for your goods.
  • Once packed, we collect your container for safe storage.
  • Easily increase or decrease your storage space.
  • There are no debit orders, deposits, or agreements involved.
  • We don't ask for notice when you decide to vacate your unit.
  • We don't charge any pro rata costs.
  • We also offer international shipping options.

Find Out More About Easy Store's World-Class Services Today

Call us today to book your unit if you are in Northriding. Book your unit or units, which we will deliver to your door as close as possible to your door. Once ready, call us and we will collect the unit from you. Pack almost anything in our convenient containers. We store your units in our high-tech warehouse. Book your shipping container, full storage container, quarter storage container, or pod today!