Self Storage Units, Facilities Randburg: Post-Holiday Packing Tips

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December 1, 2017
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Although the excitement of the festive season is upon us, the holidays can be over as quickly as they arrived. Then, of course, it’s that period of packing up all the decorations and the tree and deciding where to put it all. Fortunately, the self storage units, facilities Randburg has available make the latter easy for you!


But, when it comes to packing up your decorations for storage, you don’t want to just throw it all in a box. After all, you have breakable baubles and metres of lights that you don’t want to tangle up. So, with this in mind, we have a few tips that you can use when packing all of your festive decorations.


Handy Tips for Packing Decorations


  1. Wrap Lights Around Something

Winding lights around themselves is a sure-fire way to end up with a giant knot. However, if you wind them around something, they stay separated and will be easy to unwind when you take them out of storage. As for what to wind them around, try a cardboard kitchen roll tube or a flat piece of cardboard, about A4 size.


  1. Use Egg Boxes to Store Baubles

Glass decorations are very fragile, but they’re difficult to keep from knocking together if you just put them in a box. So, if you want to take special care of them, place your glass baubles in an old egg box. Since it’s designed to keep eggs from breaking, it’ll keep your decorations as safe as they can be.


  1. Cling-Wrap Your Tree

Leaving your tree exposed is an excellent way to break limbs off of it. Plus, it’ll be covered in dust by the time you take it out of storage. A great way around this is to cling-wrap your tree.


First, tie up all the limbs with strips of cloth or old belts, then simply start wrapping it at the top and work your way down (a bit like the luggage wrappers do at the airport). This will keep your tree clean and safe until you need it in a year’s time.


  1. Box Your Wrapping Paper

Leaving wrapping paper leaning in the corner of your study or a bedroom is not a great storage option. It’s bound to get creased, torn, and dusty over the course of a year, and you’ll probably end up throwing it away in favour of some new paper next year. A far better option is to buy a long, thin plastic box that will fit all your half-used rolls. This can then easily fit in your storage unit.


Self Storage Units, Facilities Randburg


With the festive season upon us, we certainly don’t want to think about it being over already. But, it’s worth making some plans for that post-holiday pack-up so it doesn’t catch you by surprise.


With these tips and a handy storage unit, the packing and storage of your decorations will be a breeze and they’ll be safe and sound waiting for you to unpack them next festive season (which will come around quicker than you think!).