Self-Storage Units and Prices in Johannesburg, South Africa

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February 18, 2022
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March 27, 2022

How Can I Save Money When Choosing the Self-Storage Route?

Do you think the most important aspect of selecting self-storage in South Africa is cost? You can find self-storage units and prices that fit your budget. But there are other factors that can influence your choice of self-storage.

Easy Store storage units’ prices are as little as R480 a month. Renting more office space will cost you much more than paying monthly for one of our units. Our secure storage facilities come at an affordable rate and there is no contract.

How to Find Best Self-Storage Units and Prices in South Africa

Self-storage varies from one storage facility to the next. Prices usually depend on size and the location of the unit. Here we discuss self-storage units and prices.

The bigger your rental, the more your storage facility will cost. They usually escalate costs according to where the storage facility is located. It also depends on whether storage is in short supply in that location.

It is important to remember that not all storage facilities are equal. Some are safer, dryer, and cheaper. The more features your storage facility offers, the more you will pay. Features such as security and climate control drive prices upward.

What 4 Factors Should Influence Your Choice of Storage?

There is a lot more to look at other than affordable rates when sourcing the perfect storage for your needs. Are you keen to make extra living spaces, or free up your office?

Most renters look at peace of mind, a convenient location, and the size of storage unit. Another factor renters consider includes security and extra services.

1. Easy Access for Your Peace of Mind

Get access during business hours. Call a day before to gain access to your storage. One of our friendly sales consultants will help you book a slot.

Clients can access their own goods at our secure high-tech warehouse. Our secure warehouse is in Ferndale. Get access to your goods from Monday to Friday, during office hours.

2. Convenience & Delivery of Your Unit

We deliver the unit to you, and not the other way around. But what does this mean?

You never have to source a delivery truck to transport your personal belongings. Portable storage units make it an easy option for business storage. We deliver the unit or units as close to your door as possible.

Order as many units as you need from a wide range of sizes. You only pay for what you use.

Rentals offer excellent business and individual storage options. Our varied sized storage units are excellent and flexible. You only pay a month per unit depending on your unit size.

3. We Pack for You if You Want Us to

Find the extra space you deserve. Let us offer you self-storage options that go beyond self-storage units and price. We offer you excellent customer service. We are here to offer storage solutions that will ease the load.

Our wonderful service offers you a team of packers if you need to move offices. Let us take the edge off your move and pack for you. Or you can pack your own container. The choice is yours.

4. Security Measures for Your Secure Self-Storage

Easy Store goes above and beyond caring for clients’ peace of mind. We transport the packed unit or units to our warehouse.Our warehouse boasts 24/hour security and electric fencing.

We supply the locks, or you can buy your own. The best part is you keep the key to the lock on your unit. You book access to your unit. No unauthorised persons may have access.

What Makes Our Self-Storage Units and Prices Different?

We offer a wide selection of storage units. Our term lease is flexible. We give our clients peace of mind. Find extra storage space for all your excess items.

  • Store everything from larger furniture items to document storage.
  • You pay no admin fees to rent.
  • Our affordable storage solutions offer business storage units solutions.
  • Well-priced storage solutions start at R480 a month.
  • Rent anything from small to medium storage units.
  • We won’t lock you into a lease. Ever.
  • Flexible units enable short or long leases.
  • We offer storage solution options for a range of applications.
  • We don’t charge admin fees, and there are no deposits.
  • The duration of storage is entirely up to you. It could be a month or a year.
  • We offer a varied selection of storage unit options. Find one that offers good prices and great service.
  • You won’t sign any onerous, lengthy agreements or contracts.
  • There are no debit orders. It’s pay as you go.

Let Easy Store Be Your “Go-To” Storage Provider in South Africa

We offer so much more than cheap storage prices. Our convenient storage units could solve your storage problems in South Africa.

Self-storage units and prices are certainly what matters when looking for business storage unit solutions. Yet, we offer so much more than cheaper storage units.

Find out everything you need to know about dependable storage units in South Africa. Our portable storage units might be just the thing you need when taking the plunge. Make hiring of storage solutions easy with Easy Store.