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June 10, 2017
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Forbes recently published an article online that praised an LA startup and how it is changing the face of the self storage industry. It detailed some interesting technological features, but the article seemed most impressed by the fact that the business replaced the old convention of storage units with a new idea – one in which the company goes to clients’ houses, collects their belongings, and then transports those belongings to its storage warehouse. If Forbes only knew that our self storage solutions in Johannesburg had been doing this for almost two decades, it might not be so quick to call this means of storage revolutionary!

But, we’re not in it for the praise. Instead, we’re just concerned with bringing convenience to the lives of our cherished customers. And, with the way that we operate, we think we’re doing a good job.

Like the LA startup, we allow our customers to forego the hassle of roping friends into a moving day, renting a trailer, and driving their belongings out to a remote storage facility. We do all of this for them, saving them lots of time and effort.

How do we do this? Here is a brief explanation of how we operate:

How Our Self Storage Solutions in Johannesburg Work

  1. You Call Us

If you have a few belongings that you would like to store, simply give us a call on 086 11 00 222. Or, if you would like us to call you instead, simply go to our website, enter your details, and request a call back. We’ll discuss the details with you and begin the process.

  1. We Deliver a Storage Container

We’ll load a portable storage container onto a truck and drive out to your home or business. We don’t need abundant space and we can get the containers as close to your door as possible.

  1. We Load Your Container

If you wish to load the container yourself, you are more than welcome to do so. But, if you would like to relax, we’ll wrap your belongings and load them into the container for you.

  1. We Take Your Container to Our Secure Storage Facility

To ensure security, we ask that you lock the container yourself. You may use your own lock or order one from us. You’ll then keep the keys for however long you decide to keep your container in storage. Once it is locked and secured, we’ll place your container on our truck and take it back to a secure storage facility.

Get Praiseworthy Storage Service Right Here in Johannesburg

We may not be the subject of an article in Forbes, but we have been offering this service for a long time, and our customers have all been delighted. And, in addition to the convenience of our service, we keep our prices highly competitive.

So, to get the kind of service that is taking the US by storm – right here in Johannesburg – be sure to contact Easy Store right away!