Why You Should Secure Your Assets with Self Storage

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January 18, 2022
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February 18, 2022

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to safeguarding valuable assets with self storage. We have taken great strides in ensuring we keep your assets in a safe and dry warehouse. The result is affordable self storage that is safe, dry, and will give you peace of mind.

There are many advantages to using self-storage with a high level of security, which we discuss below. Firstly, you can get peace of mind with Easy Store’s easy storage options. Secondly, our process is simple and effective.

To get started, simply book one or more storage containers from our storage building. You won’t need to find a removal company to transport your goods. We will bring the unit to you. Once it’s packed, we take it back to our secure warehouse, and you keep the keys to the double locks on your unit!

How Does Our Storage Help Secure Your Assets?

Every storage company is unique, and not all will meet your storage requirements. If you want to store business assets or high-priced valuables, the security measures in place become even more important. Our service is one of the most convenient and secure in the storage industry!

Along with various unit sizes, we include double locks, security at the warehouse, and floodlighting for extra peace of mind. Our storage keeps your assets safe from the weather and nefarious intent.

Will I need to book a removal van to get my assets to my secure facility?

No, there is no need to hire a removal van to move your goods. Our team of experienced drivers will deliver containers right to your door. Mobile, secure storage units are the ideal solution for any storage needs.

What are the chances of my goods getting damaged and wet?

All our self-storage containers offer a weatherproof, clean space to store your goods. Your inventory of items is safe from the weather with us.

I don’t have time to pack my unit as I am under a time constraint. What must I do?

One of the convenient services we offer is packing your unit! We go one step further by offering transport services and loading services. Trust our storage experts to use the space wisely and pack your items with the utmost care.

What security features does Easy Store have that safeguard my items?

Our Easy Store Warehouse boasts an effective security system. Our warehouse has security cameras, which we link to a 24-hour armed security. We have a fenced and floodlit warehouse. This gives a good layer of top quality security.

Reasons You Might Need Secure Self Storage

Are you a lawyer or accountant and need office storage for confidential information? Have you inherited priceless items and are not sure where to store them? Or is it photographs you treasure?

There are many reasons that a self-storage unit could benefit you. Unit sizes depend on your needs. Only rent the space you need. We don’t ask for a security deposit either.

The #1 Benefit of Self Storage is Security

Security is the #1 deciding factor when choosing self-storage. Our state-of-the-art, secure warehouse is exactly what you need. Cleanliness and security are top priorities for most clients, and our affordable storage solutions tick all the boxes.

Self Storage Checklist for Your Assets

  • Do unauthorised individuals have access to your unit? Did you know Easy Store has strict rules for accessing your storage unit? You need to call a day before, and we will get your unit ready for access.
  • Our system ensures you have full control over your storage unit. There will always be a fine balance between accessibility and security. We take care of both!
  • Once you have packed your unit, you keep the lock. You will need two locks. You can buy these from us, or you can order your locks from Easy Store.
  • Be sure to book access to your unit. Operating hours are during business hours. Easy Store does not permit 24-hour access. This helps limit criminal activity.

Why Your Storage Facility Should Install Certain Security Measures

It is not so much about unit size. Instead, it is about a secure self-storage facility. 24/7 surveillance is a must for any self-storage facility.

Storage buildings should be linked to a security company with trained security guards. They should also have completely a completely fenced-in perimeter for extra security measures.

Contact Easy Store Today for Peace of Mind

We like to keep our tenants happy. If you want to store with us, you can find out more about our secure storage today.

We offer our clients peace of mind with state-of-the-art warehouse facilities. Store your assets today and sleep well tonight.