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February 15, 2020
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At Easy Store we offer you secure and safe storage in a state-of-the-art warehouse where you are given the guarantee that your office storage is in safe hands. Whether you are storing electronic equipment, need excess furniture storage or other items from your business, we can give pertinent advice and offer our services together with secure storage to ensure your items are kept in a safe, dry state-of-the-art environment. 

Easy Store is all about offering a great service, peace of mind, and resolutions to all packaging and office storage challenges. Many of us often find ourselves between spaces – this applies to business situations as well as private case scenarios 

Perhaps you are moving offices, building on, renovating, cleaning, decluttering, fumigating, redecorating or have decided to work remotely and don’t need as much furniture for the immediate future – whatever your office storage issues are we have all the necessary answers and solutions. 

Furthermore, we come to you. Yes – you heard right! For complete peace of mind and convenience, we will bring a container, or containers, right up to the door of your office and pack your electronics, furniture and anything else for you. Our expert team will advise and pack everything from the pencils to the chairs should you so wish. 

If you and your staff prefer to undertake the packing yourselves, we will supply you with all the packaging materials necessary to carry out the task in a professional manner that will protect all your expensive office items. If you have decided to do the packing yourselves, we will bring the container to you, you will then pack and once completed we will take the packed container away to our excellent warehousing facilities where your goods will be kept safely until you need them again, offering peace of mind. 

The convenience and ease of access for your office storage cannot be emphasised. This means that you don’t have to find a furniture mover to get your bulky items and boxes to a self-storage unit or warehouse, because the container is brought right up to your office door 

This is the beginning of a new decade and many of us are downsizing, renovating, spring cleaning or decluttering. Whichever category you fall under let us assist with solutions. By freeing up office space this often means that you don’t have to source larger premises – once everything is neat and tidy, and you have a bigger floor space with all desks and other surfaces  clear and clutter-free, you might be pleased to see how much space you have gained, rethinking your office space. 

This is what you can expect from our excellent storage system:

  • Wwill never have the keys to your container – this is something you will keep ensuring the safety and security of your items kept in storage. 
  • As soon as your container arrives at our high-tech storage facility your container is offloaded by our trained, professional crew and stored in our lock-up warehouse. 
  • By using our unique transportation system this means that customers’ containers will be moved to the storage facility with very little handling. 
  • Your container will always be dry and protected from the various weather elements  
  • The warehouse also has an alarm system that is linked to an armed response company, 24/7 
  • The surrounding premises are fenced off and have floodlights switched on at night 
  • The storage warehouse is equipped with an overhead sprinkler system and high-tech fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and fire hose reels 

Packaging material to ensure secure and safe storage include

  • Bubble wrap 
  • Couch plastic tubing 
  • Wrapping blankets and more 

If you are looking for secure and affordable storage and a professional team combined with excellence, our office storage solutions are designed to offer clients peace of mind. Contact us at Easy Store today to find solutions to office storage dilemmas.