Get Extra Space for Your Apartment with Self-Storage Units

Why Use Self-Storage When Looking for Your Dream Home?
May 19, 2022
Holiday Storage Solutions & Tips
July 5, 2022
Why Use Self-Storage When Looking for Your Dream Home?
May 19, 2022
Holiday Storage Solutions & Tips
July 5, 2022

Get peace of mind with a wide variety of storage options ideal for apartment living. Here’s why self-storage units on a month-by-month basis are vital for those living in flats and apartments.

Self-storage units are great for getting you the extra space you need in an apartment. Downsizing from a large house to an apartment is a space challenge. Storage space is always at a premium when living in an apartment. Living in an apartment has many advantages. Leasing options allow you more freedom than a mortgage.

There are downsides to apartment living, though. One of these is space. Or the lack of space. Settling for a place much smaller could prove challenging. That is why it makes sense to use self-storage when your apartment is full.

Why Self-Storage Helps When Downsizing to an Apartment

You will have extra furniture when moving from a 3-bedroom apartment to a smaller apartment. You will also have too much furniture and household items when renting a space between moves. Perhaps you have retired and have a life-time’s goods. All these scenarios call for extra square footage.

Your secure storage unit comes to the rescue by keeping items safe. College students renting an apartment and sharing calls for extra storage space. Choose storage space from our wide range of personal storage options. Storage facilities come to the rescue when you need extra storage in your living spaces.

Why Using a Secure Storage Unit Frees Up Apartment Space

There is no need to source storage locations near your apartment. We bring a self-storage container to you.

  • Portable storage containers are perfect for storing all your personal belongings.
  • Keep your seasonal items like Christmas decorations in storage containers.
  • Storage solutions include unused items locked away in our safe storage facilities.
  • Do you lack storage shelves in your small apartment? Secure storage helps free up shelf and cupboard space.
  • Discover different storage solutions with our varied storage unit sizes at Easy Store.

Why Self Storage Helps When You Move Cities and Jobs?

Moving to a new city often means you are renting an apartment. Even if it’s a temporary arrangement. You might need somewhere to keep your belongings. The chances are you have enough stuff for 3 bedrooms or more.

  • Real estate, in an unstable economy, could affect your decision whether to buy or rent.
  • Storage is an interim solution until you make the right real estate decision.
  • Built-in storage is often in short supply in apartments.
  • Storage units are the perfect answer. This is a good option to keep your appliances, boxes and clothes when moving to a new city.

Apply These 5 Clever Hacks to Free Up Space in Your Small Space

1. Invest in storage containers. They are your best friend.

Buy the best storage containers you can afford. Store business items in storage containers for your home-office. Keep everything from staplers to cables in stackable containers.

It’s easy to get bogged down by excess stuff. We all have hobbies, like to read, listen to music, or cook. Find a home for everything and put it back when you finish using the items.

Teach the family to do the same. When they finish one game, it is time to pack it away. If you don’t enjoy packing boxes, we can help with that when it comes time to store your items.

2. Invest in clever doubling-up furniture items.

Beds with drawers underneath are a great buy. An ottoman doubles up as a table and storage place for linen. When buying new furniture, consider opting for smart pieces with drawers and shelving.

A coffee table with storage space underneath is a great place for books and magazine. You can wrap extra furniture in bubble wrap and store it with us if you don’t have space for a beloved piece.

3. Maximise all the square feet in your apartment. Think vertical!

Put up hanging shelves and use all the wall space. All those extra items you use for in your work-from-home set-up will find a happy home.

Use white boards and black board to organise your life and keep stuff in place. Use fridge magnets for kids’ art. They are perfect for school notices and reminders. All the above are useful in keeping countertops and desks decluttered.

4. Short of time? Set a daily scheduled time for decluttering.

Set aside a daily time to declutter. It should not take that long if you tackle one task at a time. You only need half an hour every day to make this happen.

It’s surprising how much one can you tackle in a brief space of time. Set a timer to tackle your decluttering task. Filing, packing, tossing – 30 minutes is all it takes.

5. Donate and toss out.

Throw away anything with an expiry date. This includes medication and foodstuffs. The reality is you won’t ever wear that pair of pre-baby jeans again. Nor will you wear that antique dress your grandmother wore in the 30s.

Toss and donate. Anything you don’t wear, eat, or use. Someone, somewhere in South Africa will use your unused or unwanted items. You don’t need to fill up storage boxes with items you will never need.

Go through papers. Toss old receipts and papers you no longer need. Shred these and toss them out for more space in your household storage unit.

Easy Store is Making a Difference with Innovative Self-Storage Units

There’s a secure self-storage unit for every person and every need. Free up your apartment with our flexible rental options. We have a solution for all your spaces!

Contact us today for a free quote and to book your secure storage unit. You only pay for what you use, and you keep the lock. In a couple of easy steps, we can help you solve your space dilemmas.