3 Reasons Why Self-Storage is a Lifestyle Choice

How Demand is Driving the Need for Self-Storage in South Africa
November 18, 2021
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November 25, 2021
How Demand is Driving the Need for Self-Storage in South Africa
November 18, 2021
Eight Easy Steps Organising Books and Paper
November 25, 2021
3 Reasons Why Self-Storage is a Lifestyle Choice

Why is hoarding such a common problem for so many South Africans? Did you know that hoarding is an actual disorder?

So many people hoard. Why is this? Is this an emotional attachment to things we cannot let go of?

There are so many reasons for hoarding. Getting rid of the clutter and freeing up our mind (and space), can make a difference. But where to start to make this lifestyle change? Are you ready to free up space and make a difference? Self -storage units could be the answer to your hoarding habit.

Why Do So Many of Us Hoard?

  1. Is this a personality trait or a condition?
  2. Experts have identified the many factors that pinpoint hoarding behaviour.
  3. Some of these include personality types.
  4. Or they could be traumatic incidents.

Why Do People Become Compulsive Hoarders in the First Instance?

Did you know that we consider compulsive hoarding a psychological disorder? Collecting possessions and not being able to dispose of them is a real problem. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Could this be an underlying psychological issue?
  • Does your hoarding make your space uninhabitable?
  • Does this leave little or no room for daily activities?
  • Do I find it hard to get rid of things?
  • This is even when I don’t use, wear or like them?

6 Reasons Why We Hoard

1. Are You an Emotional Hoarder? Do You Suffer from Anxiety and Depression?

Hoarders often suffer from anxiety and depression. Dig deep and you might uncover more than a messy environment!

  1. You might start hoarding as a coping mechanism.
  2. Do you constantly acquire unwanted items and never discard them?
  3. This behaviour could pinpoint an underlying pattern.
  4. You might benefit from professional medical intervention.

2. Are You A Perfectionist? Do You Need to Feel in Control?

  • The fear of hoarding could stem from fear you might need an item.
  • This is a strange concept. The result is clutter and mess.
  • Did you know that a hoarder’s perfectionism tells them they need the clutter? Strange but true!

3. Want to Let Go of Your Stuff But You Feel Too Emotionally Attached?

Are you so attached to your stuff you cannot let go? Are you holding onto things you no longer want or need?

  • Are you holding onto things even when you replace the old stuff with new ones?
  • You might be a compulsive hoarder.
  • Compulsive hoarders cannot cut the cord and let go!

4. Hoarders Have a Difficult Time Differentiating: Is it Valuable or Not?

  • Did you know that hoarders have difficulty with identifying what’s valuable, and what’s not?
  • Hoarders feel that everything has the same intrinsic value.

5. Is There a Connection Between Trauma and Hoarding?

  • Professionals believe that there is a direct link between personal trauma and hoarding.
  • Hoarding disorders could reach as far back as early childhood.
  • An interesting point is that hoarding usually starts at the onset of puberty!

6. Waste not Want Not. Is This Your Motto?

If you have a fear of wasting, it could be something learnt in early childhood. Did your parents drum into you not to waste? This could be at the root of your problem.

Will I Be a Hoarder Forever? Can it Be Fixed?

There is good news! You need not remain a hoarder forever. Even though hoarding is a unique disorder.

  1. With the right help, you can begin afresh.
  2. Therapists that have experience in helping hoarders can help hoarders overcome problems.
  3. They will help hoarders declutter and clean up their hoarding habits.
  4. Once a hoarder has come to terms with their habit, decluttering should be easy.

3 Reasons Why Self-Storage is a Lifestyle Choice.

Start off small by decluttering one category at a time. Rather than one room or cupboard at a time. Allocate a time slot each day and start off small.

1. Use Storage to Clear Your Garage.

We tell it like it is! We all have lifestyle choices. Is clutter yours? We store everything in the garage, from tools to old, broken furniture. Where does your car go when there is no space to park it? It is time to take advantage of self-storage to solve this problem! Did you know? Decluttering the garage to free up space isn’t complicated.

  1. The move from clutter is uncomplicated.
  2. Once you know what size storage unit to hire, the transition is straightforward.
  3. All it takes is a phone call to Easy Store!

2. How Self-Storage Is Helping to De-Clutter.

Make that call today! Your self-storage option is a brilliant one! Throw out what you don’t want and keep the rest in a personal self-storage unit. Clear out the clutter and free up space for your car.

  1. Easy Store supplies South Africans with a wide range of units in varying sizes.
  2. We deliver the unit right to your doorstop once it is booked!
  3. We can also pack your unit for you.
  4. This is one of the top-notch services we offer our clients.
  5. Or you can pack your own unit.
  6. Easy Store will collect your readily packed unit.
  7. We will take your locked unit back to our state-of-the-art warehouse.
  8. Enjoy peace of mind. You keep the key!
  9. Our 24/7 security system will ensure your goods are kept safe, dry and clean!
  10. Secure self-storage has never been better!
  11. The biggest take-away is that your car will have a home.

3. Taking Back Your Spare Room Is a Great Lifestyle Hack

Everything from the laundry to the ironing board usually finds its way into your spare room. The beauty about decluttering is that it frees up space. It’s time to find a home for everything.

  1. It is time to use your spare room wisely.
  2. If not for guests, why not convert it into a man cave or a sewing room?
  3. Working from home is the new normal. This is especially during and after COVID!
  4. Turn your once cluttered spare room into a quirky office space.
  5. Enjoy the peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of family noise in a private corner of the house.

Declutter and Ditch the Hoarding (And Guilt)

Are you holding onto your valuables and memorabilia? Do you want more from your space and life? We have the solution. This is perhaps one of the biggest lifestyle changes you would ever do.

  • There is only so much stuff you can keep in your home.
  • Finding a home for that extra clutter in a self-storage unit could be the answer.
  • Items you do not want to throw away or donate can find a new home in self-storage.
  • A self-storage unit is great when you need extra space in your home.

Hoarders You Can Fix This! Contact Easy Store For More!

There’s good news for hoarders. Find extra space by decluttering. Choose self-storage units for items you want to keep. Easy Store offers clients secure self-storage. We rent units in a wide range of sizes. Let us help you cure your hoarding habit today. We offer award-winning customer service with our affordable storage unit rentals. Make that lifestyle change now! Contact us today.