A Fresh Start: The Psychological Benefits of Decluttering and Organising

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Psychological Benefits of Decluttering and Organizing | Easy Store

A Fresh Start: The Psychological Benefits of Decluttering and Organising

Do you struggle with organising your space? Are you in the middle of moving and are having trouble sorting and storing everything as you pack? It sounds like you need decluttering and organising advice. With the new year coming in, it is essential that one of your resolutions be an organised space.

Below we discuss the ins and outs of decluttering as well as the psychological benefits that come with an organised space.

1. Grow in Confidence

Decluttering creates a sense of confidence. Yes, that’s right. When your space is organised, you feel confident in your abilities. A lot of work goes into decluttering and organising. Firstly, you need to assess your space and the amount of stuff you need to pack. Then you need to decide what goes where. This whole process can make you feel competent in your decision-making skills.

You may decide to sell, give away, or throw away some of the stuff instead of storing it all away. At Easy Store, we help you welcome the new year by storing the stuff that you can do without for a while, away for you. We are here for your adulting moments of organising your own space and moving houses. When your space is organised, you never need to apologise to guests regarding the mess.

2. Lower Your Anxiety

Secondly, organising reduces anxiety. When things are out of order and all over the place, it makes it difficult for the average person to be productive. Organising your cupboards and closets reduces the anxiety that comes with less productivity. A clean space is one that is easy to navigate and get everyday work done in.

3. Improve Your Focus & Inspiration

When you’re trying to work in a cluttered space, your brain may have trouble processing information. An organised and decluttered space increases your focus. You’re also less irritable and less distracted if you work in an organised and clean space. Not only does decluttering allow your mind to wander, it also increases your focus.

When you’re in the same position trying to work on the same thing, you may find yourself stuck. When you work from home, you may find yourself staring at your computer while all is fuzzy in your head. In this moment, you can get up and lift that heavy piece of furniture you’ve been meaning to move. Giving your body proprioceptive input can regulate your sensory system and spark ideas for work you may have been “stuck” on.

4. Gain a Sense of Control

Cleaning gains you control of your environment. With so many things over which there is no control, cleaning can make you feel in control of your space. This is emotionally regulating and empowering.

5. Improve Your Physical & Mental Health

According to Very Well Mind, a clean home also impacts your physical health. This means people with clean homes tend to have great physical health. This translates to great mental health.

Clean House Effects On Your Mental Health | Easy Store

Where to Get Started: Our Top Decluttering Tips

Knowing all the benefits of an organised space does not mean you’ll immediately get up and declutter. This may be because you may not even know where to start in the decluttering process. Many of us struggle with the management function when we feel overwhelmed, which can be the case if you feel things have gotten out of hand in your space. So, here are a few steps to getting your space organised:

1. Take it a Task at a Time

Firstly, start small. It is hard to get into something new, so it’s important to divide the tasks for yourself so they’re more manageable. It’s more realistic to do one task a day around your house instead of putting it all off for the weekend. If you declutter the bedroom drawers today, then you can focus on the kitchen drawers tomorrow.

2. Ask for or Hire Help

Secondly, tasks take less time when done together. Do not be afraid to ask whoever you live with for help, it could be your family, friends, or spouse, as it is their space too. A lot of times, one person becomes the sole organiser in the house. If you’re that person and you’re recovering from an illness or are in any other situation where you need help cleaning, ask for it. You can also hire a professional organizer to help during this time, should you have the budget for it.

3. Use Tools to Make it Easier

You may not be Marie Kondo, but you can still bring order to your spaces with small tools that can make a positive impact. For example, drawer dividers, labels for each category of item, clear boxes that can be stacked and stored, or even renting out your own storage space at Easy Store.

4. Start a Daily Decluttering Routine

Your decluttering journey is not a once-off thing. Common objects can quickly pile up to clutter your spaces all over again. That’s why a daily routine is an important part of the organising process. When you turn your decluttering project into a routine, it can help you grow in self-discipline and give you day-to-day psychological benefits. It can also give you a space you will enjoy more each day.

Decluttering Routine | Easy Store

Whatever you decide and however long you take, we’re here for you. Easy Store is here to help you store your personal, business, documents, and furniture possessions.

It is important to remember that good habits will never feel like a compulsion. When you feel compelled to clean such that it impacts other areas of your life, talk to someone. This can be mental health professional for advice on how to overcome that.