Personal Storage Services

Personal Storage Services

Why would you use personal storage services? For different people, personal storage services could mean different things. Nothing beats the feeling of getting rid of clutter – once you have decluttered, you will feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders as this is a psychologically cleansing exercise.

Moving home and being in-between spaces, taking on an overseas contract, moving out of home for the very first time, getting divorced, storing seasonal sports gear or inheriting a household of furniture are all situations that might require personal self-storage units.

What to expect with Easy Store Personal Storage

  • Our containers are mobile and all-weather. This easy-to-handle method offers a mobile container that will be offloaded for either you to pack yourself or our professional team of packers will do the job for you – all done under your supervision
  • Safe transportation of your goods is guaranteed from the warehouse from your door and back again
  • Your goods will be kept safely and securely in a dry, safe environment. Rent your unit without a deposit and short notice if you decide to cancel your unit
  • Containers are then stored in a warehouse with an alarm system linked to a 24-hour response company
  • The warehouse is equipped with overhead sprinkler systems in the event of a fire, together with fire hose reels, hydrants and extinguishers
  • Select short- and long-term storage for convenience. Premises are both fenced and floodlit at night

Make Use of Easy Store

Declutter today by making use of state-of-the-art and convenient Easy Store Personal Storage Solutions for all those items that need a home away from home for short or long periods.