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Easy Store Personal Storage Services

Do you want to get rid of clutter and store your items in a self-storage unit, but you’re unsure if it’s safe? At Easy Store, we're focused on making your personal storage experience easy, convenient, safe, and secure. We’ve got you covered from A to Z.

What is Personal Storage?

As with all things in life, personal storage means different things to different people. Personal storage is simply a storage space that is safe and dry where you can store items securely until you need them again.

Why do People Use Self-Storage Units for Personal Storage?

People use personal self-storage when they’re relocating or moving into a smaller space as a place to keep their things safe and dry. Some use it as a safe place away from home to keep important documents. Most often, though, people use self-storage units to declutter their spaces and their lives. No matter who you are or what your personal circumstances are, living in a clutter-free environment is good for the psyche. It does much more for you than just freeing up your space.

What Are the Benefits of Decluttering?

The entire decluttering experience will make you look at life through different lenses. It could make you feel less stressed and remove the anxiety of cleaning from your life. For the hoarders that procrastinate and keep things that are no longer needed, no longer fit, or should be donated to charity, the process could present a whole new outlook and the beginning of a new chapter.

Instead of living in a disorganised mess and clutter, our focus moves to less stressful things, things we enjoy doing. It will free up valuable time to share with family and friends. It will give you room to move around in and make cleaning and tidying up much simpler.

Instead of spending entire days cleaning, you can do interesting and fun things on your days off and on weekends. Cleaning has never been easier as your floor, cupboard, and countertop space is freed up. All of this adds up to making decluttering a light, bright, and pleasing experience.

Decluttering and storing excess items you don’t want to get rid of or are not ready to let go of is good for mind, body, and soul. Bear in mind that self-storage will be different for everyone, as our individual needs vary. There is no one-price-fits-all. Our team of professionals will advise you on the price of your self-storage unit and what it will cost to use our expert personal self-storage services.

Why Use Personal Storage Services?

You might be going through a divorce, downsizing, are empty nesters, or setting up your first home after completing your degree, getting married, having another baby—the circumstances are diverse. That is why our self-storage and personal-storage services at Easy Store are never a one-size-fits-all solution. We will tailor personal storage units to suit each person’s unique circumstances and needs. Every person has a story. No matter how different or unusual your story might be, we have you covered.

What Our Personal Services Offer:

  • Mobile, all-weather containers that come to you, ready for you to pack. There is no need to find a removal company to transport your goods to our self-storage units.
  • We assist with packing or we drop our containers off for you to pack at your leisure. Once containers are packed, they are ready to be taken to our state-of-the-art warehouse
  • We will then collect your containers for storing.
  • Our professional packers are supervised, should you want this option.
  • You and only you have full access to your lock and key.
  • Our warehouse is safe and dry.
  • You can rent a unit without being locked into onerous, lengthy contracts.
  • There is no deposit and short notice is an option should your circumstances change should you need to cancel your unit.
  • Your goods are transported in a safe, efficient way.
  • Our warehouse is equipped with an alarm system linked to a 24-hour response security company.
  • Our warehouse has a fully equipped overhead sprinkler system in the event of fire. There are fire hose reels, fire hydrants, and extinguishers for the safety of your goods.
  • You can choose from a range of short-term and long-term storage options for convenience.
  • The warehouse is fenced and floodlit at night to ensure the safety of containers.

Who Uses Personal Storage Units?

Absolutely everyone. From students to empty-nesters, young couples and for all those in-between chapters. If it’s personal self-storage you need, we have the answers.

The Easy Store Difference

Easy Store has you covered with our state-of-the-art and convenient personal storage solutions. Our process is designed to make your storage experience super easy, convenient, and safe. At Easy Store, you can find the perfect home away from home for your stuff.

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