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Whether you are planning to move to new offices, are an executive on the go without a bricks and mortar office, are in the throes of cleaning out your office or business space or have taken up a contract overseas, there are often items that will end up in self-storage units. 

Storing office furniture in self-storage units makes plenty of sense when downsizing, decluttering or making room for more personnel or extra office equipment. 

These tips will ensure your office furniture is not damage during storage 

  • Create a base with plastic and wooden pallets to elevate furniture and keep them off the floor – this will keep your furniture dry and prevent any mould forming on your stored items 
  • Wherever possible, disassemble large items of furniture and apply a layer of wax polish to wooden items to protect the wood from being damaged 
  • It’s a great idea to apply a layer of polish to your metallic furniture items to ensure they don’t become tarnished during storage (this prevents oxidation 
  • Wherever possible make use of professional cleaners to deep clean your furniture before storing 
  • Old towels, sheets, blankets and bubble wrap are great for preventing scratches to your furniture 
  • Pack small items in drawers to save space 
  • Never pack lamps with the globes still in place – remove these as well as lampshades to prevent damage 
  • Mark all glass surfaces with an “x” with masking tape to prevent breakage 
  • Place corrugated cardboard on both sides of all glass surfaces to prevent damage and breakage 
  • Tables should be placed upside-down on top of cushions and blankets to prevent scratching and damage from occurring 
  • Chairs and couches should be placed in a way that you would have in the office – the right side up to avoid damage 
  • Always cover all furniture items 
  • It is a great idea to place rodent repellent in your storage unit as a preventative measure 

Storing your electronics and ensuring they are not damaged during storage 

You might not be happy to part with expensive electronics – here are a couple of tips when putting your electronics into self-storage units. 

  • When storing PCs and other office equipment it is important to store them when they are in excellent working condition. This will ensure they are ready to use the minute they come out of storage 
  • Keep original boxes when purchasing electronics so that you can pack them in their original packaging when you move (remember to include all the bits and pieces such as remotes and earphones with them so that these don’t get lost) 
  • Wrap each item in the box – whether these are cords, modems or keyboards 

Storing your electric appliances and ensuring they are not damaged during storage 

If you have decided to keep your good appliances and not sell these during your transition period, it is a good idea to ensure they are stored correctly – the same as you would your electronic devices. 

Use good packing practices to ensure the longevity of your office items whether furniture, electronic equipment or electrical appliances.  

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