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July 5, 2017
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Are you planning a wedding, or are you planning to plan a wedding? In either case, you probably know that with weddings come endless amounts of clutter. After all, you have the bride’s and bridesmaid’s dresses to store, you’ve got the decorations, wedding gifts, and so many bottles of wine that you put a pirate ship’s hold to shame. But, your home is only so big, so how do you store all of this without ruining it, or letting it take over your life? The answer lies in self storage units, facilities Randburg.

Self storage is a simple and highly effective answer to the clutter that comes with a wedding. You simply place everything in storage until just before the wedding, let it stay safe and sound, and enjoy a home that isn’t piled to the ceiling with ribbons and white lace.

But, you want to ensure that you keep all of the wedding items clean and secure. So, with this in mind, we have a few storage tips for you.

Tips for Storing Wedding Items

  1. Storing Dresses

When it comes to the dresses for the wedding, especially the bride’s dress, steer clear of laying them flat with items on top of them. This can create creases that may be very difficult to get out. Instead, hanging the dresses in acid-free bags is the best idea. This will ensure that light and dust don’t affect them and they don’t gather unsightly creases.

  1. Storing Gifts

Placing wedding gifts in storage is a great idea as it ensures they won’t be damaged around the house and keeps them free from prying eyes. If they are delicate, be sure to keep them in their original packaging and perhaps wrap them in blankets or bubble wrap for extra protection.

  1. Storing Decorations

As with gifts, decorations can be fragile and thus need a certain amount of care when placed in storage. Again, keeping decorations in their original packaging is a good idea, and supplementing that protection with bubble wrap and blankets certainly helps.

  1. Storing Fluids

The plastic crates with dividers that are used by bottle stores are good for protecting bottles of wine, so if you can get your hands on a few of those they will definitely help your cause. If not, try covering individual bottles in bubble wrap and storing them in a plastic box – which has slightly more support than a cardboard one. Whether you store them standing up or lying down is up to you, but remember that corks are intended to be kept damp, so lying the bottles on their sides is better for the wine.

Self Storage Units, Facilities Randburg

If there is an upcoming wedding in your family and you are dreading the clutter that comes along with it, self storage is your new best friend. For leading self storage options in Randburg, be sure to contact Easy Store today!