How to Use Self Storage to Reduce the Impact of Load Shedding

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January 28, 2024

How to Use Self Storage to Reduce the Impact of Load Shedding

If you’re South African, you’re probably getting used to the lights going out at inconvenient times. But you’ve probably also noticed how load shedding is affecting your business, your stress levels, and your everyday life at home. Did you know that self-storage can offer some surprising benefits to help ease the burden of load shedding? Let’s explore how you can use self storage facilities to reduce the impact of load shedding.

7 Ways Self Storage Can Help You Beat the Load Shedding Blues

Nobody enjoys being stuck in a power outage in South Africa, and lately it can feel like load shedding is a never-ending challenge. But a well-planned unit can help you in the struggle of surviving load shedding. Clever usage of storage facilities can be your superpower during these routine power cuts.

1. Store Backup Tools to Help You Beat Load Shedding in a Safe, Dry Place.

You can keep a range of clever tools at your disposal, all neatly tucked away in a conveniently close storage space, just itching to make your life so much easier. When load shedding strikes, you know you’ve got backup torches, UPS and battery backups, generators, candles, gas cooking tools, and even a reserve of petrol if you like. These tools can make load shedding easier, and knowing you have a unit full of backups can make all the difference when you run out of candles, or gas, or if your generator suddenly gives in and you need backup tools.

2. Get Peace of Mind with Secure Storage for Your Valuables.

Yes, criminals take advantage during load shedding, and that can be worrisome when you have items that are priceless to you. Or maybe they’re just very expensive, and you want to keep them safer. Storing it with Easy Store is the best solution. Not only can you enjoy security features such as alarm systems and gates that are load shedding proof, but you can also ensure they remain safe from natural hazards like fire and storm. Our units are conveniently priced, and we don’t lock you into a long contract. In fact, we do month-to-month terms to make it as convenient as possible for you.

Safer Storage for Valuables During Load Shedding

3. Use the Space as a Base for Running a Business.

A load shedding proof space can be a big advantage during load shedding schedules for any business. That’s why using storage space is becoming an increasingly popular option for many start-up entrepreneurs and SME business owners. Running a business is becoming increasingly risky, but if you don’t have to plan your staff hours around Eskom, and if you;re guaranteed continued power supply, your business can continue operating unaffected by load shedding.

4. Use it to Store Inventory (Ideal for Start-Ups and SMEs).

Easy Store units are secure and accessible, regardless of the load shedding schedule. This makes it ideal for storing inventory for your business. You can safeguard your stock from the risks that come with load shedding and still access it whenever you need to. With Easy Store, you keep the key to your unit, and you can call us during business hours to get access to the unit.

5. Store the Stuff Filling Your Garage to Make Room for Solar.

If you want to install solar energy at home, you may notice that the setup includes needing some extra wall space, most commonly in your garage or an out-of-the way washing room. For many South Africans, these spaces are places where things we rarely use accumulate. But you don’t need to keep them there. You can create more room in your home for a new solar system by storing those goods with us. It’s an easy way to ensure your goods are safe, and that your garage is clutter-free for your solar installation.

6. Store Your Electric Stove and Get a Gas Stove.

When load shedding strikes and you want to satisfy your caffeine craving, you don’t need to fill a flask with hot water or wait hours anymore. Save money on takeaway coffee and cut out those headaches with a gas powered stove. Sure, it’s a hefty upfront investment, but the relief it brings from the stress of load shedding is priceless. Your gas stove will allow you to heat water so you can satisfy your coffee needs, cook dinner, and remain satisfied throughout the day. You can then store your electric stove with us until load shedding becomes a thing of the past.

7. Store Gas Flasks and Use Gas-Powered Water Heating.

Like the idea of using more gas-powered solutions in your home? Gas-powered water heating is becoming a more popular solution for homes and businesses. You won’t need electricity for a nice, hot shower or to wash your hands in warm water. This can be advantageous for homes and businesses alike, and you can even use storage to keep extra gas flasks so that your hot water remains accessible at all times, without having to wait for gas replacements.

Storage Units for Small Businesses and Start-Ups

3 Ways Self Storage Makes Surviving Loadshedding Possible for Businesses in South Africa

Offsite storage facilities are designed to be accessible regardless of load shedding schedules. They’ve got you covered when Eskom’s grid fails. Business owners can take advantage of secure self-storage to prepare for load shedding, to store inventory, and to increase productivity. Here are three surprising uses for storage facilities that you might not have thought of.

1. Keep Inventory Safe During Load Shedding with a Storage Unit

Loadshedding won’t stop your business if you’re smart. A self-storage unit keeps your inventory safe, secure, and available. It’s like you’re experiencing load shedding proofing without moving a muscle. That’s because Easy Store’s facilities are equipped with uninterrupted power supply to protect your goods in a power failure. This means you can have peace of mind that your inventory is safe when the power goes out. Features such as alarm systems and security measures remain fully functional to keep your goods safe no matter what.

How Load Shedding Affects Inventory management

Managing inventory during a power outage can be a daunting task. Your wireless systems could go down, impeding the ability to keep track of your inventory. This is where self-storage comes in handy. If your electric gates are not functioning, your property could face greater theft and break-in risks, putting your inventory in peril. You are probably aware that criminals take advantage of the darkness that comes with load shedding and the lack of power to alarm systems and electric gates to make off with goods.

2. Reduce Downtime with a Portable Generator & Emergency Supplies

By storing a portable generator in your leased self-storage unit, load shedding blues cast by regular power outage become a thing of the past. With a generator, you get to command your own power, independent of Eskom. You can also store other must-have items such as battery-operated led lights and torches in your storage unit.

You can continue sending emails and keep productivity up until the power comes back with solutions like UPS, of course. But you can also store your hardware server and other business items securely at a facility that is conveniently located nearby your workspace. This will allow you to access any resources you need without getting stuck in traffic during load shedding.

3. Keep Useful Items for Load Shedding Ready in Storage.

What items can you store to boost your business, and how can you increase the value and usefulness of your storage unit?

Have Your alternative lighting ready

Alternative lighting solutions and reserves are an excellent idea, whether battery-powered or solar powered. If you prefer candles, you can keep a reserve of the ones you prefer in storage.

Phone and Device Chargers

Battery storage for charging devices are a great idea as items you can store, but you can also stock up your storage unit with backup chargers, batteries, and everything you need to keep your devices switched on.

In 2024, losing power can be less of an inconvenience when you have a cleverly stocked self-storage unit at Easy Store. Ready to get started? Get a free quote today!