How to Prepare for Storage Rentals

Johannesbug Storage Uinits and Prices
Affordable Self-Storage Units and Prices in Johannesburg, South Africa
March 16, 2022
20 Years of Offering Excellent Storage and Brilliant Service
April 5, 2022
Johannesbug Storage Uinits and Prices
Affordable Self-Storage Units and Prices in Johannesburg, South Africa
March 16, 2022
20 Years of Offering Excellent Storage and Brilliant Service
April 5, 2022
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Discover 8 smart hacks to prepare for storage rentals at a storage facility in Johannesburg. From packing boxes to choosing the right size storage units, these dos and don’ts will ensure your space works for you.

4 Easy steps will make storage rentals easier than ever for you. You call, we deliver, we load, and we store. Let us go one step further and help you pack.

The best part is you need not source a delivery truck. We deliver the unit or units to your door. Use our professional team to pack for you or pack your own unit. The choice is yours!

Are you a first-time renter? Are you unsure of what to do and how to pack your self-storage unit? Our storage solutions offer you convenience and affordability.

How to Prepare for Storage Rentals if You Are a First Time Renter in 8 Steps

Cleaning out, packing up. These are not simple tasks to undertake. Whether you are dealing with sentimental items or heavy furniture, it might be smart to ask for help.

Easy Store is a reputable storage company. You will get a free packing guide packed with storage tips. We also supply you with packing materials for your unit. We are here to help.

Ask us if you need to find out more.

1. Clean Everything Before Placing it in Storage Units.

Why is it important to wash fabric items and clean all your crockery before storage? Micro-organisms could creep in. Over time, mould and micro-organisms could cause damage.

Prevention is always better than cure. Items seldom used could harbour micro-organisms or bugs. Ensure everything is in peak condition before storing items away!

2. Use Uniform Boxes Makes When Storing Items

How you pack makes a difference when renting your storage unit. The secret is to use good quality packing supplies.

Pack your items in uniform containers or boxes to make the entire process a lot easier. Materials such as plastic wrap and unprinted paper are important. These will give any breakable items extra protection.

Other supplies you will need are packing tape, cardboard boxes, and packing peanuts. Easy Store’s free packing guide will help you pack. Or we can pack your container or containers for you.

This is one of our service offerings to make storage easy. Ensure you take the right size storage unit. You only pay for what you use.

We will deliver the container to you. Once you have packed the container, we transport it to our secure storage facilities. Wherever possible, pack items in original packaging for an extra layer of protection.

3. Make an Inventory of Everything in Your Storage Space

Once you have cleaned everything, the next step is to list everything as you pack your cardboard storage boxes. Use a spreadsheet to keep track of your boxes. Another good idea is to use a clipboard and record everything you are storing before you pack.

An inventory is important. It is especially handy when unpacking boxes. This way, it makes accessibility to items inside the unit easy.

4. Take Everything Apart When Packing a Unit to Save Space

If you can take it apart, you will use every inch of limited space. Take bookshelves, chairs, or shelves apart when storing. This will prevent damage and will free up storage space within the unit.

When dissembling furniture, tape and nuts, bolts, and screws inside drawers or on the item. This way, you won’t scramble to put it all back together when you assemble.

5. Protect Your Breakable Items with Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap must be one of the best inventions to date! It is important to wrap all your breakables in bubble wrap and unprinted paper. Or both. Ensure you do this from the start of the storage process.

We recommend you double and triple wrap your fragile items. Do this even if it is a temporary storage option. Another smart hack is to pack small breakables in clothes or soft furnishings.

6. Label Your Boxes for Easy Finding

Not labelling your boxes when storing them away is like finding your way in the dark. Creating an inventory is important. Labelling your boxes is just as important.

Get smart when labelling your boxes. Pack in categories. These include adherence to storage size, functionality, and fragility.

7. Pack for Accessibility

How you pack your unit is important. Ensure you keep one or two paths in-between the boxes and other items.

This will help you reach your boxes with ease. Accessibility of your items is important. Pack your unit from the walls, moving inwards.

8. Pack Heavy Items at the Bottom and Light Things on Top

Remember to pack all those fragile items on top of heavy items. Packing the right way will prevent damage to your items. Heavy things at the bottom will prevent damage to any lighter items.

Wherever possible, use moving blankets and bubble wrap. These offer extra protection for all those delicate items. Store items like mirrors, TVs, silverware and computers on top of heavier items.

Learn More About How to Prepare for Storage Rentals from Easy Store

We offer a wide range of storage units. Our terms are flexible. We are storage experts offering you long-term storage and short-term rentals.

The storage unit size depends on your needs. Our services include bringing the unit to you. We have a team of experts well-versed in packing. For peace of mind, you get to keep the keys to your locks.