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Your possessions obviously carry some sort of value to you, be it financial or sentimental. So, when it comes to deciding on using the services of a storage unit facility when looking to clear some space in your residence, security is one of the main priorities.

When shopping around for the best storage units available, one of the first questions you should ask the storage company is, “What security measures do you have?”. Not only the security of the unit itself, but the entire premises.

So what security measures should they have in place? Here are a few things to look for:

Locking Storage Units

Obvious, right? You will be surprised to find that not all storage unit services offer lockable units. While a basic and obvious expectancy, your valuables should be stowed away in a lockable storage unit.

Security Cameras

Another obvious security system you would expect the facility to have in place, is a security camera system. A vital factor when looking into storage solutions is the visibility of security cameras. When a break-in does occur, insurances and police services will have an easier time investigating and a higher likelihood of returning your valuables.

Visible Security Officials

If you are able to walk from the street right into the storage facility and find your storage unit, you are obviously looking at the wrong storage unit service. Gated facilities should always be occupied with visible patrolling security.

Other Security Measures

Aspects like tag recognition systems, facility entry cards and scanners are added security measures put in place to decrease potential risks. If the facility has these in place, then you are assured of leaving your valuables in safe hands.

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