How to Declutter with Only 5 Storage Bins (or Boxes)

how to declutter with containers and storage
The Top Most Effective Way to Declutter Using Containers and Storage
August 16, 2021
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October 5, 2021

Being organised and having a fool-proof plan in place is perhaps the most effective way to turn your cluttered life around. Use 5 different storage bins to ensure your plan is successful. Attacking your clutter with no specific plan won’t get you the results you need.

Put a time limit in place when tackling your decluttering project. Not planning properly will lead to even more clutter. It can also be hard to get rid of unneeded items, but putting a plan in place will help.

5 Smart Ideas for Decluttering with Containers to Free Up Space

Being organised is the secret to successful decluttering. Do you hate tidying up and decluttering? We’ve got handy tips to help make it a breeze.

Do you hate tidying up and decluttering? Marie Kondo, the queen of clean, has made decluttering trendy. Decluttering is the new buzzword in a modern world filled with noise and clutter.

Clearing a cluttered space might feel like a laborious and boring chore. But think of it this way – once you have organised your space, you will feel a great sense of freedom. Not to mention the extra space you would be creating.

It is time to switch up your thinking and put a watertight plan in place. This will lead to successful decluttering. Here are 5 great ideas for decluttering using containers.

1.The Put Away Box.

Whether you start in the kitchen cabinets, the medicine cabinet, or with the floor of your bedroom, you will need box number 1: the put away box. Items that do not belong on the floor or in the kitchen need to be put away in the correct place.

Each category of item needs to be put away where it belongs every time. Teach your family to do the same, too. Cups and glasses belong in the kitchen. Clothing items in the bedroom.

This way, you will keep your clutter down to a bare minimum. Books, shoes, jumpers, electronic devices; the list is endless. Train everyone to stick to this rule and you can save yourself a lot of hassle.

2. The To-Fix Box.

When you’re sorting, chances are you’ll come across something that needs repair. Put broken things in the to-fix box so that you can fix it at a later stage. Alternatively, you can throw it away.

Chipped, cracked, and broken items should find their way to the bin if you cannot repair them. Take time out once a month to have everything repaired that you are unable to fix yourself.

Get into the habit of completing unfinished projects. If you have lost interest in something you started, pay it forward.

3. The Recycling Box.

Do you hoard everything from little bits of gift wrap to empty coffee jars? Recycling is kind to the environment and can give you a sense of control in your space. It also offers job opportunities.

You can make a difference today and recycle with enthusiasm.

Ensure your waste does not fill up our already overflowing landfills in South Africa and put recyclable items in the recycling box. Take your paper clutter to local schools and bottles to glass bottle depots. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

4. The Throw Away Box.

Ask yourself if you can wear it, eat it, or use it. Trash is trash. The #1 reason you should throw certain items away is because they no longer serve their purpose.

Put expired cleaning supplies, insecticides, cosmetics, or old plant waste into the throw away box. Once something has reached its sell-by date, it is time to throw it away. After your decluttering session, you can dispose of these items responsibly.

5. The Donate Box.

Are you hanging onto yesteryear’s wardrobe? Do you hope to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothing? Nothing can lift your mood more than a couple of fresh, new items.

Donating your items to charity is a feel-good thing to do. It declutters and frees up space for new, fresh things. Put your unwanted books, clothes, kitchen appliances, and other items into the donate box. Once your decluttering session is done, you can take it to a hospice, church, or charitable organisation in your area.

Why is getting rid of sentimental items so tough?

There will always be items you are not sure what to do with. Your handy self-storage unit will give you extra storage. And time to decide what to do with your sentimental things. Leaving sentimental items to last is always a good idea.

We all collect sentimental items. It might be a box of photographs, or a couple of birthday cards. Put these items to one side until your entire decluttering process is complete. If the item brings you an element of joy, then it might be worthwhile keeping. If it has the opposite effect, then it is time to throw it out.

Is it the Right Time to Tackle a Decluttering Project When I’m Moving?

Yes, decluttering while you move is a great idea. Moving is the best time for effective decluttering.

You might think that decluttering and moving is too a big a job to tackle. This is not the case. If you are already moving and packing, you might as well clean out at the same time. These include everything from sorting bulky items to miscellaneous items that need to find a home.

The secret is in careful planning and doing it right the first time around. Having less to move with will save you money. It will also save you time unpacking on the other side.

You can use self-storage containers to help you make it an easy transition. Our portable self-storage units in South Africa are great when moving home. We come to your door, help you pack, and take your unit to our warehouse for safekeeping. Storage space has never been easier.

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Are you looking for self-storage units that are practical? We offer you safe solutions to all your storage needs. Get into a decluttering habit and free up the space you always dreamed of having. A cleaning experience of this nature is good for the psyche.

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