How to Clear Space for Your Home Office in 9 Steps

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July 13, 2021
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Free Up Space in Your South African Place
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July 13, 2021
how to declutter with containers and storage
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August 16, 2021

Working from home has become prevalent in South Africa. Here’s how you can clear space for your home office and make it light and bright.

Working from home will require some sort of workspace, but not all home offices are traditional. Workspace needs often vary. Your home office should be the perfect place where you can think and create.

It can double as a spare room or it can be a designated area that is used specifically for work. Making room to work from home doesn’t have to be challenging. Do it in just 9 steps!

9 Steps to Creating a Great At-Home Workspace.

1. Plan Your Home Office Down to the Last Detail.

Put some careful thought behind the work environment you want to create at home. Your workspace should help you achieve your business goals and stay productive. Remember to plan your space carefully, so you won’t need to struggle with logistical challenges later on.

Your business type will determine the kind of space you will need. Noise generating- or fume-generating operations are best conducted in an outside area or garage. Your office equipment and office furniture can influence which space will work for you, too.

2. Consider Natural Light or the Ideal Lighting for You Space.

If you’re using a screen the whole day, your digital space should not have too much natural lighting and artificial lighting together. The glare can eventually cause damage to your eyes when mixing with the overhead lighting and the light of your screen.

That said, your office should feel bright and welcoming to cultivate feelings of positivity. It is smart to find a place big enough and comfortable enough to work from. You can add a floor lamp or desk lamp along with plants and an office chair to make it welcoming.

Where possible, choose an aesthetically pleasing business space with ambient lighting that makes you feel happy. If you work remotely using a laptop, you could probably work from almost anywhere.

3. Ensure You Can Legally Operate from Home.

Can you operate your business legally from home? It all depends on what type of business you run. Most small enterprises won’t run into any legal issues. If you’re unsure, you can speak to an attorney.

4. Consider Your Family and Seasonal Events.

Does your home office balance with the needs of your family? This is perhaps the most important question to ask yourself. Take into account any special events, guests, and seasonal activities inside the home. A functional home office should not disrupt the function of your household.

5. Choose a Spot Dedicated Solely to Work.

It might be wise to find a spot that is dedicated to work only. This will help you avoid disruptions by family members or the everyday function of your home. It will also help you get into the work mindset and separate work responsibilities from household responsibilities.

Did you know that the dining room table is the most popular “office space” working from home? It is also thought to be used very little in modern families!

A desk in the kitchen is a popular choice, too. The lighting is usually good and the atmosphere upbeat. If you live alone or other family members go to work and school, this might be a good place to set up your home office.

6. Choose a Space Free of Distractions.

It might be a smart idea to set up a permanent office away from distracting places in the home, including the kitchen. You might find the in-out traffic of family and pets a huge distraction. It is time to close the door and focus on your work. A spot far away from the television set can help.

Furthermore, the idea of being surrounded by food could be a distraction in itself. You might be tempted to snack at every given chance. Working from a guest bedroom or spar room is another great choice. If you seldom have clients coming to see you, this might be the perfect space.

7. Work in One Space Instead of Many.

Choose one room instead of a few places throughout the house. This is a far more productive method and helps set the tone for your workday. Your mind needs to make the association between your space and your tasks to make your work more productive.

8. Choose a Spot Near to an Outside Door if You See Clients.

Have you got clients visiting your house? Ensure your office is as close as possible to an outside or separate door. Working from a garage is the number one choice for many home offices. This is especially handy if the garage is attached to the house.

9. Declutter Your Chosen Space.

In every scenario, you will probably discover you need to declutter. You could make extra space by moving unnecessary furniture and clutter to a self-storage unit. Your dedicated office space should be clear of too many objects to help you focus and feel good about you workspace.

If you sell products you could keep your excess stock in a self-storage facility. This is a safe, clean option and will keep your garage and other storage places free of clutter.

We Can Help You Make Room for Your Perfect Office Space

It is a balancing act, but once you have mastered this you will never look back. The pandemic has had a great influence on the way we are working. Many offices are closed and a great many people are now working remotely. Find your sweet spot at home and you will be pleased you did!

Many successful start-ups begin at home. Don’t delay putting your ideas into practice. Take your business up a notch by creating the perfect home office. Contact us today to find out how we can hep you store excess items!