How Self-Storage Can Help When Organising and Decluttering

Reasons to Use Cheap and Flexible Self-Storage
7 Reasons to Use Cheap and Flexible Self-Storage
May 14, 2021
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June 11, 2021
Reasons to Use Cheap and Flexible Self-Storage
7 Reasons to Use Cheap and Flexible Self-Storage
May 14, 2021
self storage tips south africa
All You Need to Know About Self Storage in South Africa
June 11, 2021

Do You Want More Space? Decluttering Can Help.

If you can find creative ways to declutter, you can make your space a success story. Living and working in an organised space will declutter more than just your living or working space. It will declutter your mindset and give you a clearer vision so that you can conduct your days more efficiently.

The Secret to Decluttering Lies in Finding Creative Ways to Organise.

Getting started takes truly little if you begin with five minutes a day. Build the five minutes to ten minutes, and the ten minutes to fifteen. Soon you will spend an hour or more daily organising and decluttering your space. Take as much time as you need to optimise your spaces.

You can start by going through drawers that you have not opened for years. The Marie Kondo method recommends we start with one category at a time. Place shoes or books in a pile and sort your clutter using this method.

The feeling of freedom and beauty awaits us in a world without clutter and disorganisation. It makes little difference what steps you choose for your storage solutions. Make your load lighter and enjoy the extra space.

Next, you can clear your floor space of all household items. Take a mental inventory of everything you want to get rid of. There is no need to get professional organisers to help you with the decluttering process. All it takes is a little creativity and motivation.

10 Creative Ways to Inspire Your Decluttering Journey

  1. Give a single item away every time you declutter. If you declutter over a period of a month, this will be 30 items fewer than when you started your decluttering project. Should you make it two items each time you declutter, the figure rises to sixty items a month. In our Western society, we all have too much stuff. If the entire project becomes too easy, you can up the number. Cleaning out is never a waste of time. Charity shops are happy to take your unwanted items.
  2. Fill a black garbage bag with items you would like to donate to a needy cause. Once your decluttering project is underway, you will be pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable minimalist living can be. In addition, your unwanted or unneeded items can be meaningful to the recipient of your charity.
  3. Get rid of sentimental items that belong in the past. Almost everyone has clothing items they dream of wearing again. We live in hope of losing those extra kilos we gained during pregnancy or through gaining a middle-aged spread. It is time to be ruthless and to get rid of sentimental items that don’t belong in your present life. If you are not using it, there is always someone else who would.
  4. Invite your friends over to take part in the 10-10-10 challenge. Throw away ten items, donate ten items, and return ten items you borrowed to their rightful owners.
  5. Take before and after pictures of a space you intend to declutter. Once you have completed the task, take pictures and compare these for inspiration. The photos will give you an opportunity to show you how your house offers a valuable space you can enjoy.
  6. Look through the eyes of a visitor at your home – first impressions are lasting. Is the entrance to your home untidy and cluttered? Does your space need organising and are there items that need to be put into storage if you have run short of space? Does every item have a proper home and spot? Use self-storage to assist if you have run out of storage space in your home.
  7. The four-bag method will help you sort out your items. These should include things to throw away, things to donate or give to some else, things to keep, and things that need relocation. Use this method to sift through all your items in your home. It makes little difference whether these are small or bulky items. Remember, we cannot declutter half-heartedly.
  8. Get your friends involved with your decluttering exercise. A friend in need is a friend indeed. The second pair of eyes will see things differently. Ask your friends to assess and suggest what you should keep. If you are keeping an item and your reasoning does not coincide with the thoughts of your friends, then it might be time to reassess the reasons for keeping the item.
  9. Don’t forget to take stock of the outside of your home. Sheds, outbuildings, and garages are often used to store everything from sports equipment to furniture. Make lists of everything inside these areas and tackle these by applying the same rules you applied for the inside of the home.
  10. Don’t give up. Decluttering takes time, energy, and patience. It could take months and years to declutter a space that has accumulated items over a couple of decades. The secret is not to become disheartened and give up once you’ve started the process.

Do You Want More Space? Are You Done with Clutter?

One reason for finding personal self-storage is that you have had enough of clutter and a disorganised space to live or work in. Once you have completed decluttering using some or all the above creative decluttering tips, you might find you have a variety of items that need a home. Remove the stress of clutter forever by using self-storage facilities to assist.

How Can I Make the Most of My Self-Storage?

  • Plan your storage layout.

You can spend time packing your storage unit efficiently, whether you fill it with your favourite belongings or miscellaneous items. With proper planning, your self-storage space will be used to the utmost of its potential, while the stored items will remain safe and undamaged.

  • Label your boxes.

It is important to label all your boxes. Labelling your boxes will enable you to identify things later.

  • Ensure you have easy access.

This is especially useful if you are planning on regular access to your storage unit.

Self-Storage Can Help You Organise and Declutter your Space.

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  • Enjoy easy access to your unit.

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