Holiday Storage Solutions & Tips

Get Extra Space for Your Apartment with Self-Storage Units
June 1, 2022
How to Save Space While You Store
July 20, 2022
Get Extra Space for Your Apartment with Self-Storage Units
June 1, 2022
How to Save Space While You Store
July 20, 2022

5 Storage Solutions to Free Up Holiday Space

People collect holiday paraphernalia such as Christmas trees, outdoor lights, and Valentine’s hearts to create holiday cheer. Our holiday gear could also include beach umbrellas, cooler boxes, and camping gear. But what happens after the holidays when we don’t need these items?

You don’t have to let holiday decorations clutter your space at home. Smart storage solutions for decorations and sports gear storage have become easier than ever to use. You can enjoy affordable storage options for all your holiday decorating goodies.

We’ve put together 5 tips that can help you create space and use your storage container to its full potential. With these tips, you can make sure your storage is easy to navigate and efficient. No more lost ball ornaments and boxes you can’t find.

5 Storage Solutions to Free Up Holiday Space

1. Label Everything

Label everything and number your boxes. This is a great way to avoid future frustrations. You can make everything easier to find with clear labels and a numbered list. Labels are the answer to an organised storage experience.

2. Wrap Your Christmas Lights

Nobody likes struggling with tangled lights. Your mini lights can easily get damaged. That’s why wrapping your Christmas and other festive lights around a piece of cardboard is a good idea.

Wrapped around cardboard, they are less likely to sustain damage or become tangled. Remember to secure them with an elastic band or masking tape as an added measure.

3. Store Christmas Wreaths Individually

Christmas wreaths are fragile and can easily become damaged. Ensure you store these away from other items that could bend or break them. You can hang Christmas wreaths on coat hangers and cover them using plastic wrap. This will ensure they don’t bend, fade, or get dirty.

4. Use Uniform Plastic Containers

Uniformity is key when storing goods in self-storage units. This is one of the best holiday storage solutions and will give you extra space.

Uniform, sturdy plastic containers ensure they keep your items safe and dry. Clear plastic containers make it easy to see what’s inside. You can reuse plastic storage containers for a multitude of items.

5. Why a Wrapping Station Makes Good Sense?

Many of us struggle to find the sticky tape, a pair of scissors, tissue paper, wrapping paper when wrapping gifts. You can store these items in a separate container and set up your own personal wrapping station each holiday season.

Why Use Storage Units to Clear the House for the Holidays?

You need to clear space for visitors staying over, and all those extra holiday items could take up a lot of space. Presents, decorations, party items, and everything from the tree skirt to the beer box could be coming over this holiday.

You can make space for your houseguests and all their goods with a storage unit. Make your personal storage experience a positive one. Storage units can take care of a wide variety of seasonal items or help you make space for a festive time.

What to Store to Make Space for the Holidays

1. Furniture Items

Parties take up space. Moving furniture around to free up space is a good idea. The question is where to put all the excess furniture? Self-storage is the perfect solution.

Use our affordable self-storage company during the holidays to store excess furniture. This will give you adequate storage space until your guests leave.

2. Delicate Items

Preserve your delicate items when you have houseguests. It is hard to move around houses filled with delicate items. You can avoid accidents by storing all your delicate items in a safe place.

3. Your Spare Room Goods

Extra stuff seems to make their way to our spare room throughout the year. Our budget-friendly holiday storage offers the perfect solution.

  • Store excess clothing and items in self-storage units.
  • There are no deposits required, and no debit orders.
  • You can choose the short-term option or rent long-term storage. We let you rent storage for as long or as short as you want.

4. Gifts

Children and curious adults will always find a way of finding gifts and taking a peek. Keep your gifts away from prying eyes by putting them into storage short-term. Storing gifts off site is a brilliant way to keep your surprises a surprise.

Why Choose Easy Store Self-Storage Units for Your Holiday Storage?

Looking for a cheaper storage quote? We can help. Your choice of container storage with us can be adjusted based on the space you need, so you don’t pay for space you don’t need.

Our clever storage solutions are also extremely convenient. Let us deliver your storage unit or units, no matter where you stay. We bring the storage as close to your doorstep as possible. We also offer a packing service to make the process easier.

Get Customizable Storage Today

We offer dedicated storage solutions at our storage facilities. Storage unit sizes vary, depending on what you need to store during the busy period. Call us today and free up space for your houseguests. Enjoy the stress free, clutter-free holiday this year, knowing your goods have ample protection in a secure, dry storage facility.