Have a Clear House for the Holidays with Storage Units for Rent

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November 6, 2017
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December 13, 2017

The holiday period means lots of time spent with family and friends. But it also means decorations, presents, house guests, and parties – all things that can take up a lot of room. And, unlike your belt after a giant roast, you can’t just resize your home and make more room. Or, can you? Storage units for rent are the belt holes of your home, and they are the perfect answer to all of your space issues this festive season.

We have a few tips for helping you plan what should go into your storage containers for rent, giving you a wonderfully spacious and open home for the holidays.

What to Put in Your Storage Lockers for Rent this Festive Season

  1. Furniture

If you’re planning to have a party or two over the festive season, you might want to clear out some of the furniture in your home to make room for all of your guests. You don’t have to leave the lounge bare, but you may want to take out items like large coffee tables, sideboards, pool tables; things that you’ll be able to live without for the holiday period.

  1. Breakables

Again, if you’re having a party, of maybe guests staying with you for a while, you don’t want anything damaged. Full houses are harder to move around in, and accidents can easily happen. So, if you have any furniture or ornaments that you don’t want damaged, don’t take the risk of leaving them exposed – put them in storage where they’ll be safe and sound.

  1. Everything in Your Spare Room

Any house guests that you have over the festive season won’t want to cram their clothes into the 4cm of hanging space that you have available in your spare room’s cupboards. And, they definitely won’t want you coming into their room to get things while they’re having a sleep-in. Your best bet is to take everything that is taking up space in your spare room and put it in storage units for rent.

  1. Presents

Have you planned out some amazing gifts but don’t know where to hide them? They’ll never be found if they’re not in the house at all! Especially if you have big presents that you need hiding, you simply can’t do better than a nice, secure storage locker.

Where to Find the Best Storage Containers for Rent

If you’re looking for a highly convenient storage option over the festive period, Easy Store is perfect for you. We bring the storage right to your doorstep and deliver it when you want it, meaning that you don’t have to drive miles just to have a tidier home.

So, for a stress-free, clutter-free holiday period, give us a call today!