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Organise your books & paper in 8 easy steps.
October 3, 2019
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8 Easy Hacks for Organising Books and Paper
February 15, 2020

Make decluttering fun; it is time to gather the troops to make it a group effort. Designate certain tasks to various individuals and this way it will become a fun team effort. 

  • Firstly, you will need to set aside a specific day and time when decluttering will take place. No excuses as everyone will benefit in the long haul. Ensure your team has plenty of time to prepare by informing them as soon as you set the date, even if you don’t have all the specifics worked out. Send a calendar invite as a reminder on mail so that space can be made on busy calendars and schedules (thank goodness for technology). 
  • Get staff to give their two cents worth – it is, after all, a group effort. Democracy works well, particularly in the workspace. 
  • Team leaders are a great idea. Let the fun begin. Decisions need to be made by the leaders and other team members. Bear in mind that anything that needs to be put away, can be easily accessed away from the work environment. Self-storage units are a great place to store files, documents and excess furniture. 
  • Boxes and waterproof plastic containers are useful tools – gather these a couple of days before the big de-clutter to make the job an easy one. Trash bags, disinfectant, paper towels – these all make a difference and ensure the result is a successful, tidy work environment. 
  • Printed signs to show where everything goes is a useful idea, too, so that everyone is on the same page. This is an easy way to indicate where everything must go. Archiving boxes and cleaning sheets should all carry concise and clear instructions and labels. 
  • Print out cleaning sheets and specific teams to ensure everyone knows where to go and what their designated tasks are. 

Ensure everyone brings old clothes to work the day of the big de-clutter. Remember – tidy office, tidy mind. Store absolutely everything that isn’t donated to charity offsite in self-storage units. This is a fun project – order the pizza and the beer and get stuck in!