Everything You Need to Know About Downsizing Your Home

10 Easy Steps to Downsize for Your New Location
March 17, 2021
Changes in the Self-Storage Industry Since COVID-19 Hit
How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Self-Storage
March 17, 2021
10 Easy Steps to Downsize for Your New Location
March 17, 2021
Changes in the Self-Storage Industry Since COVID-19 Hit
How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Self-Storage
March 17, 2021

“Did you know you can benefit financially by downsizing your home?” 

Bigger isn’t always better when you’re talking about the size of your home. Achieving a successful downsizing of your space can be tricky. The secret lies in the planning. Smaller and more compact spaces need not mean cramping your style. It also does not mean pokey and awkward. You and your family can live comfortably in a smaller space. All it takes is a little planning. 

Many of us believe that moving into a smaller home is a step-down. This is not the case. You should not view it this way. There are too many positive aspects making it a move up and not a step-down. Small spaces are, after all, trending.    

It’s All in the Planning When Downsizing 

You will save money and time when you live in a more compact, clutter-free home. This might be the fresh beginning you and your family have been looking for. 

Downsizing the correct way is important. You need to do your maths before thinking of selling and going smaller. There are transfer costs, electrical certificates, attorney’s fees, and planning what furniture will go where. Include the cost of the move into the equation.  

All these costs add up. Factor everything into your plan. You will get a clearer picture once you have these sums worked out. Be sure to cover the costs and logistics of the sale of your home, your move, and making sure everything fits and functions well. 

It’s All About the Need for More Space 

Your children have moved out of home, leaving extra space. You might need to work from home, as COVID-19 has forced many of us to do. Will you make use of that space for a home office or is it an unnecessary expense?  

We need to think in the long-term when downsizing. Ensure you have thought this move through, paying attention to details. It often depends on the need for more space. Or it might be about space you no longer need. Look at the bigger picture to get an unobstructed view of what you need. 

Less to Clean and More Ka-Ching in the Bank 

You will seldom feel more satisfied than after a thorough cleanout. Clean one category at a time. Anything you don’t want to take with you, sell. Otherwise, place it into self-storage units. Contact your local auctioneers or sell unwanted items online.  

The rest you can donate. We get a certain satisfaction from selling our stuff. The best part of all is that you can hear that Ka-Ching of the money you will be making. The money in the bank could buy you new, smaller, and more modern furniture pieces.   

What You Need to Know About Hidden Costs 

We all have hidden costs that we don’t consider. They are usually discovered when we are serious about selling. Hidden costs usually include attorney’s transfer costs and estate agents’ fees. They also include electrical certificates and unexpected repairs. You need to pay your movers, so don’t forget to include this in your equations. Hidden costs could also include basic maintenance for eye appeal. 

Here’s a fantastic tip for potential sellers. Make sure your home has curb appeal and looks good from the outside. First impressions are often long-lasting. 

How You Can Save Money by Going Smaller 

Does the idea of having less or no debt at all appeal to you? There are definite benefits to downsizing. You can reduce your bond every month and put more money into your pocket. Merge your credit cards and accounts. You will pay off whatever you can from the proceeds of the sale. It might be time to say goodbye to the high interest rates that come with living on credit. 

It is time to take stock of what you owe. You can start by paying off the most expensive loans and cards. This will lead to living a more debt-free existence. 

It’s Smart to Go Smaller and Get More Out of Your Retirement 

You might enjoy living big now if you are building up your life. Saving towards a great retirement could make all the difference. This will put you in a good place when you reach your golden years. Most of us don’t believe that we will ever get old. Life rushes past when we are young. Is that big house so important if it costs you too much each month? This is food for thought. 

Trade Your Big Bond for a Little One 

Selling your large home and trading it for a little one with a smaller bond will make a world of difference. Paying cash for a smaller home with the money you make from your enormous one can make a huge dent in your expenses. Many of us find that mortgage a noose around our necks. Cut it loose and watch your cash pile grow. 

Making a Difference the Easy Store Way 

You might not be ready to get rid of all your stuff when transitioning from bigger to smaller. We are here to assist. Our storage units are a great solution when you are not sure where to store all your excess belongings.  

We will bring the unit to you, help you pack, and take your precious cargo back to our high-tech warehouse. There are no debit orders and no leases locking you in. You can downsize or upgrade your unit any time you wish. We are making a difference in storage the Easy Store way!