Eight Easy Steps Organising Books and Paper

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3 Reasons Why Self-Storage is a Lifestyle Choice
November 18, 2021
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January 6, 2022

Truth be told, we are all trying to live in a mostly “paperless world”, yet for some reason or another we still all have books, files and papers lying everywhere both in and around our homes and in our offices.

Here are eight easy tips to get on top of paper piles and books that we don’t need or don’t want, and if you simply have to keep files and documents for a variety of reasons, then self-storage units are a brilliant solution to keep your space tidy.

Here are eight easy steps to organise books and papers the Marie Kondo way

  • Empty the entire shelf or shelves to sort out books
  • Remember that you don’t declutter successfully by room or space, but by category (you could have books and papers all over the place)
  • For those individuals hanging onto books from childhood years, now is the time to let go or to donate these to a charity or a library
  • If you have sentimental items, photos or mementoes don’t get distracted from the job at hand – focus on what you are doing
  • Make three piles for your books; books that you are throwing out, books that are in good condition for donations, and books that you are keeping as they spark a feeling of joy
  • Papers are a little more difficult to discard, especially if they hold sentimental value
  • An accordion file is a brilliant way to file papers as they can hold only a certain amount, forcing you to be ruthless with the amount papers you decide to keep
  • Go digital wherever possible – and all those manuals on how appliances or how your tech works? You can get these easily online

Store excess books and papers in self-storage units away from your office or home if you have run out of space but still need to hold onto certain documentation, books or files; this is an immediate solution to free up your environment.